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My name is Tiffany, and I am a collector myself. It all started from my weakness for half bricks, but I didn’t need 6 of the same decks. Well, I did, unfortunately my wallet disagreed. I started selling extra decks that I own, and slowly built a reputation.

Most of my regulars leave a wishlist for me, as I deal with reseller companies. None of my decks are from Carousell or Ebay individual sellers. I only deal with companies which buy out stock from businesses which went out of business. These decks were meant for retail and are guaranteed to be in perfect condition.

Most times I am offered first pick at cartons – I can’t pick and choose what’s inside. If I spot a rare deck, I have to take the entire box. So please leave a list for me so I know what to look out for!

To me, the tuck boxes are also beautiful works of arts. As a frequent buyer online myself, I wince every time I see a horror story about torn packaging, dinged up decks etc. I don’t deal with cheap decks or discount sales. All my decks are guaranteed to be in perfect condition.

I take pride in doing a great job (100% satisfaction rate!), and making sure each deck goes to a loving home. Check out my customer reviews at

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– Search for Tiffany via any of the Facebook card collecting groups such as RLLE, and contact me via Facebook Messenger.