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King Star / Acelion Trivia, Backstory, Design Process, Controversies, FAQ. Fire away!

🌟 Free dose of trivia, backstories and controversies with your decks! There is so much information about King Star out there but unfortunately noone has bothered to translate or do proper fact checks.

🌟 Here are some frequently asked questions. I don’t know everything, but if you have a question, I can find out directly with King Star too, so ask away! I might learn something in the process too ^^

🌟 Question: Are you sure Azoth and King Star / Acelion are working together?
Answer: Since 3rd Dec 2020, King Star has featured Azoth’s Mercury Flower 3 times on their social media (WeChat official account), asking for reviews, and gifting an open review deck on 12th Dec 2020 to the most eloquent submission.
– Azoth goes by pseudonyms
猫哥 (literally Cat Brother, but meaning Sir Cat in an affectionate way)
猫爷 (literally Cat Grandfather, but meaning Lord Cat / Noble Cat)
汞猫 (“gong” is a combination of water and mercury)
– You’ll find the word 猫 on Cyberpunk: Origin tuck side as a tribute from King Star’s 鹿哥 (Deer Brother, but meaning Sir Deer in an affectionate way)
– Speaking of which, ever wondered why the Deer pops up so frequently?

🌟 Question: Has Cyberpunk: Origin been reprinted?
Answer: The social media post says that: At King Star, reprinting is impossible. After Cyberpunk: Origin was launched on 25th Jul 2020, Acelion team unfortunately disbanded due to insurmountable differences. A portion of stock was left in the Acelion warehouse. After renaming to King Star, the team was still unable to retrieve these stocks till Jan 2021. King Star’s 鹿哥 Sir Deer liberated them, and 400 Standard decks flooded the market again.

🌟 Question: Why are Cold Light, Phoenix Lady, Queen Medea, Divine Light etc so rare?
Answer: King Star has a brilliant but cruel marketing team (joke). They love to launch Secret decks that are not for sale individually, only with or in a half brick, or as part of a boxset.

🌟 Question: Why are people saying that the Kyushu Chronicles series launched on 16 Jun 2021 are unofficial decks?
Answer: There have been many comments that this is not an “official” King Star deck simply because the King Star logo isn’t stamped prominently on the tuck. The backstory is very interesting, so I’ll share it with people who are genuine King Star fans.
– King Star designed and printed this series specially for the owner of HuiQi Playing Cards, 中哥 (Middle Brother, or an affectionate Sir Middle). This was a gesture of thanks for their working partnership. On the bottom of the tuck, it says very clearly that it’s designed by King Star and distributed by HuiQi Playing Cards.
– This is similar to Kings Wild Project designing a deck, having it printed by EPCC and distributed by Gambler’s Warehouse. Is it still a KWP deck? Of course it is! I am perplexed why people keep saying it’s an unofficial deck.
– Personally I like that the artwork is not dominated by the Kingstar logo. It’s like buying a Louis Vuitton bag, I don’t need the logo plastered all over it. Besides, if you have the Cloud / Sea series, particularly the half brick box, you’ll recognize King Star’s original designs instantly. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my listing for it.

🌟 Question: Why did Acelion rename to King Star?
Answer: Official timeline given on their social media (they are very reluctant to talk about unpleasant times, preferring to focus on creative new designs):
Early 2020 – Acelion is established, creating Under the Skin series
18th Jun 2020 – Acelion Silence is launched
28th Jul 2020 – Acelion Cyberpunk: Origin is launched
Aug 2020 – Acelion team is disbanded due to insurmountable differences, and officially begins the era of King Star
13th Sep 2020 – Sir Deer 鹿哥leads the renamed King Star to greater heights with Cloud / Sea series
12 Dec 2020 – After a silent 3 months, King Star Witches is launched with unique UV technology.
– As King Star gained in fame, Sir Deer promised to change his bad habit of bragging everywhere. Subsequent plans are, and will be kept under the utmost secrecy. At the same time, they are not going to stop launching multiple editions: fans can look forward to collectible gift boxes, half bricks, accessories, gilding, etc etc.

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