I’m expanding my team and would love to have you onboard!

Admin Assistant (Remote Work)

To collect information and post listings for my collectible playing cards business. No experience required except for a zeal to learn and attention to detail. This will suit someone who enjoys research & finding out information. Paid per listing.

Logistics Assistant (Work from Home: Malta)

To receive parcels, storage, package playing cards and handle shipping at MaltaPost. This would suit someone who is already working from home, and has a converted garage or study room. Paid per item.

Graphic Designers (Remote Work)

To design playing cards for Kickstarter projects on a project basis. You will own the rights to your work and enjoy a percentage cut of the proceeds. The playing cards will be marketed as a Vedic x (Your Name) collaboration, and a writeup under <Artists we work with> will be prominently featured of you, your services & how to contact you directly for commissioned work. Paid either with royalties, or a one time design fee if Kickstarter project is not funded.

Deck Reviewer (Remote Work)

To film Tiktoks, Podcasts, and Youtube videos of playing card reviews. Ideally you have a converted soundproof garage or study room with own recording equipment. Playing cards will be sent to you. Paid per content. You can also monetarize as your own personal brand, as long as you give us a 2 weeks lead and link back to our website.

App Developer (Remote Work)

To develop an app for a virtual museum with interactive experience. Curated collections, immersive events & private vaults. Account holders can choose to accept unsolicited auction bids on their collections (Make an Offer), or set it to private. Paid per project.

Company Culture

I was a Digital Nomad myself, in New York, Montreal, Dresden and onboard international cruise ships, before settling down in Marsaskala, Malta. I would set up my mobile office wherever there was wifi – a restaurant in Venice, a beach cafe in Aruba, and enjoy the sunshine, sand and sea after I closed my laptop. I still enjoy my traveling adventures – quality of life is very important to me. 

I firmly believe in having an option to Work Remotely, with opportunities for Global Citizens who wish to have a better work-life balance. Video conferencing allows team members to collaborate on a document more efficiently across time zones and geographic limitations. As long as the work is done, do it when and where it suits you the best. 

Think you can contribute to my startup but your position is not advertised? Email me at, and let’s begin a discussion!