King Star / Acelion / Azoth complete list

©Photo courtesy of Craig Empson, reproduced with permission.

Craig literally owns the most complete collection of King Star, Acelion and Azoth cards in the world right now. I can say that with confidence because quite a few listings have completely gone out of stocks and are / will be moving to Waitlist once my existing decks are sold.

Craig is the owner of Curated Cards, and he is extremely passionate and knowledgable. If you’re from the Facebook Rare, Luxury and Limited Edition (RLLE) group, he needs no introduction. Definitely check out his shop as well!

1. Warm Rose (early 2020)
2. Dragon War V1 PVC Plastic (early 2020)
3. Under the Skin Mono Regular (Apr 2020)
4. Under the Skin Colour Regular
5. Under the Skin Gold Gilded
6. Under the Skin Half Brick Box
7. Silence V1 Regular (Jun 2020)
8. Silence V1 Silver Gilded
9. Cyberpunk Origin Regular (July 2020)
10. Cyberpunk Origin Laser Gilded
11. Cyberpunk Origin Gold Gilded

King Star
1. Cloud / Sea series V1 – Zhao Yang, Black 9 Tailed Fox, Regular (Sep 2020)
2. Cloud / Sea series V1 – Qiong Gou, Gray 9 Tailed Fox, Regular
3. Cloud / Sea series V1 – Xi He, Black 9 Tailed Fox, Gold Gilded
4. Cloud / Sea series V1 hidden deck – Cold Light Red Gilded
5. Cloud / Sea series V1 hidden deck – Phoenix Lady Red Gilded
6. Cloud / Sea series V1 Half Brick Box
7. Cloud / Sea series V1 – “Candle Dreams in Cloud Pavilion” Lantern Boxset
8. Space Cat Regular (Dec 2020)
9. Soul Series – Witches Regular (Dec 2020)
10. Soul Series – Witches – Witch King Boxset, includes hidden deck Witch Medea
11. Soul Series – Witches Half Brick Box
12. King Arthur Sword in the Stone “Lord of Destiny” Regular (May 2021)
13. King Arthur Sword in the Stone “Triumphant Praise” Boxset, includes hidden deck “Divine Vision” Gold Gilded.
14. Silence V2 Black Regular (May 2021 on China Crowdfunding, stocks mailed Jun 2021)
15. Silence V2 Holographic Regular
16. Silence V2 Black Silver Gilded
17. Silence V2 Holographic Laser Gilded
18. Silence V2 Half Brick Box
19. Kyushu Series – 9 Tailed Fox Regular
20. Kyushu Series – Jing Wei / Nrwa Regular
21. Kyushu Series – Deer King Gold Gilded
22. Tales of the Dragon: Millennium War Regular ( Aug 2021)
23. Millennium War Boxset, includes hidden deck Key of Solomon: Devil Regular
24. Tales of the Dragon Half Brick Box
25. Key of Solomon Half Brick Box
26. Call of Cthulhu Regular White (Jul 2021 on China Crowdfunding, Sales in Sep 2021)
27. Call of Cthulhu Boxset, includes hidden deck Red

*Bonus (not designed by King Star team, printed by KSPCC. It’s like the Bicycle brand vs USPCC factory)
a. 浪 Japanese Wave, produced by Simon of Epoch Cardists, printed by KSPCC

1. Higanbana Silver Dust Flower, Silver Gilded, with Miss Cindy logo
2. Higanbana Mist & Blood Flower, Red Gilded, with Miss Cindy Logo
3. Higanbana Mist & Blood Flower, Red Gilded, with Evil Eye Logo
4. Inscription Regular
5. Mercury Flower Holographic Laser Gilded
6. Nameless Gem Bronze Terracotta metallic surface