Poker Cards – Tyrant Color King of Dragon God Standard Playing Cards, China exclusive, not on Kickstarter,Infinity-Soliware, Deckidea. Printed by KSPCC, not designed by King Star. Kickstarter 2022. Limited edition of 1150, numbered seal

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– Launched Sep 2022 on Kickstarter, 34 backers contributed CA$2,039 or approx USD $1,651 goal, out of CA$2,000 goal, to help bring this project to life.
– This might not seem a lot, but in Apr 2022 China crowdfunding, a whooping 738 backers contributed ¥141,955.56 or approx USD $20,015, out of ¥25,000 or approx USD $3,528 goal.
– Full disclosure: For US collectors, this is the price of a resale deck in Asia. If you get it now, it’s purely for bragging rights. Deckidea has a history of supplying to Murphy’s Magic, so you might want to wait and see if your regular retailer will have them in a few months’ time.
– Check out the YouTube shorts by Gavin Wong Magic of the standard decks

– and the Black Gilded deck

– Note that this is printed by KSPCC, but it’s not a King Star designed or branded deck. The difference is like USPCC and Bicycle brand.

– Available editions:
1. Cloud Blue Dragon God Standard
2. Thunder Black Dragon God Standard
3. Cloud Blue Dragon God “Void” – Blue Gilded Edges, limited edition of 999. numbered Gold seal. Face cards are one color, Gold, vs Full Color of (5. The King of Dragon)
4. Thunder Black Dragon God “Extreme” – Black Gilded Edges, limited edition of 999. numbered Gold seal
5. The King of Dragon – Black Colorful Dragon God, Standard, Non-Gilded, limited edition of 1150, laser holographic numbered seal. China only, not launched during Kickstarter. Face cards are Full Color vs one color, Gold, of (2. Thunder Black Dragon God)
6. Special Pink Dragon God, Mosaic Rainbow Gilded, limited edition of 488 for Kickstarter, numbered seal. International version, launched during Kickstarter
7. Special Pink Dragon God, Mosaic Rainbow Gilded, limited edition of 299, numbered seal. China version (exact same cards as 6, just a different numbered seal)

– From the official Kickstarter page, in the designer’s own words:

“No one has ever seen a dragon, but it appears in many myths. Dragon is powerful and mysterious. This time we use the image of Chinese traditional dragon to design, and adopt a cute and lovely appearance. We hope you can like it

· Presented in Three Editions: Blue Dragon God Edition & Black Dragon God Edition & Special pink Dragon God Gilded Edition

· Fully Customized number, court, ace and joker cards.
· Black Dragon printed using Metallic Grey & Gold ink on both sides
· Blue Dragon Printed using Metallic Gold & Green & Red & Blue Ink on both sides
· Fan opening effect with recognition
· Double sided printing of card box
· Each Edition has their own amazing gilded version

· The Blue Gilded Version Limited 999 Decks with Number Seal
· Put Gold stamp on the Blue Gilded Dragon God Tuck Case
High Quality gilded,easy to fan

· The Black Gilded Version Limited 999 Decks with Number Seal
· Put Gold stamp on the Black Gilded Dragon God Tuck Case
High Quality gilded,easy to fan

· The Special pink Gilded Version Limited 488 Decks with Number Seal
High Quality gilded,easy to fan

When you open the box, you might be surprised to find, that hide a little secret. Black dragon and blue dragon compete for a fireball at the same time.They met magically inside the card box

The Dragon God playing cards wants to give cards extra meaning when you opening the fan. Under the action of this thought!! The Dragon God cards back design was born,When you open a fan, it’s like a whole dragon in front of you

Each Court card is an independent dragon. They are like a big family of 12 dragons. And you can use any Court card to show different exclusive fan opening effects

Ace of Spade is a Dragon God facing you, full of domineering!

Joker Cards we are also designed for fan and interesting. A fire breathing dragon will make you feel the fun when you play this Dragon God playing card.

We specially designed a special half brick box, which is made of high-quality paper and it is not easy to damage.

Infinity Soliware is a creative Solitaire company. The Dragon God Playing Cards just a beginning,In the future, we will bring more excellent Playing Cards.

Deckidea is a creative design company with many excellent design card company. You can search for their excellent works on KickStarter. Although DMI has not been established for a long time. But has already bulit relationships with USPCC, Cartamundi, KSPCC and MPC.

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