2012VP113 Sakura Pink, Gold Gilded Edges Playing Cards, MPC. Limited edition of 399, numbered custom seal, face cards have no color or points, perfect for Cardistry. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed

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– Note that the cardistry photos are of the Regular deck, not Gilded, however I have included the actual photo of each Gilded Deck. If you notice, Pink Gilded has Pink letters on the custom seal, Gold Gilded has Gold letters.

– Launched 2021
– Check out the deck review by Exit8472 in Czech

– and the deck review by Any Card in Italian

* Sadly there aren’t any in English
– the official trailer for Corn Mint here

– and the YouTube video by InformOverload – Astronomers Discover New PINK Planet On Solar System’s Edge, about 2012 VP 113

– Note that the difference between Corn Mint Regular and Upgraded, is that Upgraded has numbered custom seal and gold foil artwork inside of the tuck case.
– There is also a version printed by MPC which is out of print. There is no need to get that as the cards are exactly the same. If you need that for your collection, please let me know. The prices are higher for a resale deck of course, as the price for this is from Murphy’s Magic.
– Murphy’s Magic has this deck listed as being from Solokid, and printed by Taiwan Printing Card Co. Previous decks in the series were printed by MPC & USPCC.

– Regular
1. 2012VP113 Pink, limited edition of 5000, numbered
2. 2012VP113 Corn Mint, limited edition of 2500, (((UNNUMBERED!!!)))
3. 2012VP113 Corn Mint Upgraded (((NON GILDED EDGES!!!))), limited edition of 1199, numbered. Difference with (2) is that the tuck has gold foil on both outer & inner sides, plus a numbered seal.
4. The Moon Yellow, limited edition of 5000, numbered
5. The Moon: Luna Purple, limited edition of 2500, unnumbered

– Gilded / Upgraded
6. 2012VP113 Pink, Gold Gilded Edges, limited edition of 399, numbered custom seal with Gold letters
7. 2012VP113 Pink, Pink Gilded Edges, limited edition of 399, numbered custom seal with Pink letters
8. The Moon Yellow, Gold Gilded Edges, limited edition of 399, numbered
9. Brick Box, not for sale separately. Complimentary with purchase of 6 Regular decks (no mix and match of Gilded)
– Note that Corn Mint was never produced in a Gilded edition.

🌟 The 2012VP133 Playing Cards series with the theme of planets in the galaxy, paints us the beauty of the stars. This is the first deck in this series. The card was inspired by the discovery of pink dwarf planets by American astronomers: 2012VP113.

🌟 And the biggest feature of the design is that its face cards have no color or points, each pattern and detail are in order to improve the visual effect of cardistry. Let me say this again, there are no Courts, no Numbers, only Jokers.

🌟 Regular is limited to 5000 decks. Comes with gold foil and embossing on the tuck case. These cards are printed with MPC (MakePlayingCards) with their new linen air light stock & Beta finish.

From an article by Alexandra Witze on 26 March 2014:
“Dwarf planet stretches Solar System’s edge
Icy body found far beyond Pluto raises questions about cosmic history.

The Solar System just got a lot more far-flung. Astronomers have discovered a probable dwarf planet that orbits the Sun far beyond Pluto, in the most distant trajectory known.

Together with Sedna, a similar extreme object discovered a decade ago, the find is reshaping ideas about how the Solar System came to be. “It goes to show that there’s something we don’t know about our Solar System, and it’s something important,” says co-discoverer Chad Trujillo, an astronomer at Gemini Observatory in Hilo, Hawaii. “We’re starting to get a taste of what’s out beyond what we consider the edge.”

“This is a great discovery,” says Michael Brown, a planetary astronomer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. “We’ve been searching for more objects like Sedna for more than 10 years now.” Finding another one like it reduces the chances that Sedna is a fluke, he says. But astronomers now have to come up with ideas to explain how these objects remain tightly gravitationally bound to the Sun when they orbit so far away.

The newfound object’s official name is 2012 VP113, but the discovery team calls it VP for short, or just ‘Biden’ — after US Vice-President Joe Biden.”

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