Afghanistan Dust and Light 阿富汗珍藏 Gold Gilded Playing Cards, by The Museum Things 博物馆奇妙物, official merchandise, authorized by the Tsinghua University Art Museum, fusion of East and the West, ancients, Silk Road. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched 2020
– Note that there are Mandarin descriptions on each card. Simply open your Google Translate app on your mobile and point the camera to see real time translations, it’s pretty cool!
– QR code for easter egg only works if you download and setup a WeChat account. Honestly, I haven’t done it. Seems like a hassle for some more exhibition info.

🪐 “你是尘埃也是光: 面纱下的阿富汗国家宝藏”
Special exhibition derivative丨”You are Dust and Light”: the national treasure of Afghanistan under the veil
“National Treasure” once talked about a group of special cultural relics from Afghanistan. Since 2006, they have been exhibited in France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Germany and other countries. In 2017, they began to travel in China. And it was exhibited at Tsinghua University Art Museum from April to June 2019.

🪐 Afghanistan is surrounded by the Pamir Plateau in the east, the South Asian subcontinent in the south, the Iranian Plateau in the west, and the Central Asian steppe in the north. “Crossroads of Civilization” .

🪐 With a history spanning 5,000 years, not only the highly developed Bronze Age civilization, but also through the lapis lazuli trade , it has established close ties with the earliest two river basin civilizations and ancient Egyptian civilizations .

🪐 In the exhibits, you can also vaguely see the result of the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures from the modeling decoration.

🪐 Now we can see these cultural relics up close. They are precious treasures that have survived all the hardships and hardships. They are historical witnesses of the fusion of various cultures and civilizations of the East and the West.

🪐 Pieces of Afghan treasures are quietly displayed in the exhibition room. And yet, we seem to see the hardships and splendor of the ancients crossing the Silk Road for thousands of years.

🪐 The design is derived from the original high-definition pictures of the exhibition exhibits. The 54 playing cards correspond to 54 representative exhibits (groups), as if it were a small exhibit atlas. This deck has Easter eggs. Enter the name of the exhibit below the Poker in the public account of “The Museum Things” @博物馆奇妙物 to get the corresponding introduction text of the exhibit.

🪐 Officially authorized by the Tsinghua University Art Museum, this deck of cards and other paraphernalia are authentic official merchandise.

🪐“博物馆奇妙物” The Museum Things
The integrated cultural and creative brand takes the derivative design of cultural IP development as the carrier, and advocates the revitalization of traditional culture and the exploration of interesting, spiritual and aesthetic lifestyles in a new museum context.

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