Agenda V1 Playing Cards (White), by Flagrant Agenda, Singapore brand, street style fashion label, Kickstarter 2018, printed by Expert Playing Cards (EPCC), serpent, flower, waves, mandala, symbiology, Carl Jung. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched Apr 2017 on Kickstarter, 310 backers pledged S$ 16,640, out of S$ 5,000 goal, to help bring this project to life.
– Check out the YouTube review by VJose32

– Available editions:
1. Agenda V1 (White) – limited edition of 1000, numbered Silver foiled seal
2. Agenda V1 (Black) – limited edition of 1000, numbered Red foiled seal
3. Agenda V1 Mini (White) – unnumbered
4. Agenda V1 Mini (Black) – unnumbered

5. Bicycle Agenda Redux V2 Blue Standard Edition – Limited edition of 500, numbered Snake seal
(branded with Bicycle Logo)
6. Agenda Redux V2 Blue Deluxe Edition – Limited edition of 500, numbered Rose seal
(unbranded – personally I prefer without logo as it showcases more of the artwork. It’s entirely up to preference – card designs are exactly the same)
7. Agenda Redux V2 Blue Redux Go Mini Deck – unnumbered

8. Bicycle Agenda Facade V3 Red Basic – unnumbered
(Branded with Bicycle Logo)
9. Agenda Facade V3 Red Premium – limited edition of 750, numbered
(Unbranded – personally I prefer tucks without logo so that more of the artwork can be seen)
10. Agenda Facade V3 Classic White Blue – limited edition of 500, unnumbered

The Agenda Playing Cards is the outcome of Flagrant Agenda’s unceasing endeavour to explore alternative means of expressing our ideas. Playing cards are fascinating medium for communication – from visually impressive execution of cardistry flourishing, mind bending and clever exhibition of magical illusion, to navigating imperfect information in game of chance showdowns. It is amazing how something so simple can be used for expression in so many ways.

BLACK AGENDA features:
Spot UV Printed Tuck Case on Thick Matte Black Stock
Tuck Case Embossing
Printed with metallic silver ink on court cards, card backs and faces
Foil Numbered Sticker Seal
Limited to 1000 Decks

The theme in the deck is that of responsible change and transformation. This theme extends Flagrant Agenda’s maxim of making a point to making a change. Various symbols related to change and transformation were included in the design of the tuck case, card back and the court cards. We strive to keep the whole design clean and simple without losing the details and symbology. We hope that the deck design would be timeless and spread the message of responsible change and transformation.

The lack of eyes in our court cards expresses the lack of truth, honesty, wisdom and moral conscience we sometimes see in authority – the Kings, Queens and Princes of our society – and why there is an impetus for a call for change.

The mandala is infused in our card back and Aces designs to convey that all change should strive for eventual stabilization, integration and ultimately a better inner self as propounded by Carl Jung.

The top of the Joker resembles a triangle and carries with it the meanings we are imbuing throughout the deck – the trinity of thoughts, emotions and actions and change. The sphere that the Joker is standing on stands for completeness with the three rounded shapes in the top and bottom embodying the past, the present and the future, both good and bad. All of history is defined by change.

Fully Customized Deck with 2 Jokers
Spot UV Printed Tuck Case on Thick Matte Stock
Printed by Expert Playing Card Company with Damask Finish
Tuck Case Embossing (UNLOCK at STRETCH GOAL 1)
Clean & Monotone Design with 2 Colour Scheme – WHITE AGENDA & BLACK AGENDA (UNLOCK AT STRETCH GOAL 2)
Limited to 1000 Decks (per colour)
Silver & Red Foil & Numbered Sticker Seal

Flagrant Agenda is a Singapore-based, street fashion label that designs apparels with a contemporary and urban overtone with a strong focus on graphics and illustrations. We set up Flagrant Agenda in 2014 to serve as an outlet to express ourselves on issues we feel strongly about.

We are influenced by issues related to our surroundings, the environments we grew up in, what we encounter in our everyday lives and the society at large. We seek to understand how people who grew up and live in different cultures, interpret these themes and hope that by doing so, allows us to gain insights into similarities and differences in the way how people think.

The Agenda Playing Cards is a new undertaking for us to expand beyond what we have already done with our apparels. We hope that this Kickstarter project can move us into new directions and avenues for expressing ourselves.

Regardless whether this project is funded (we certainly hope that this project can be a success!), we hope to trigger people’s curiosity to find out more about the concept behind the deck and inspire them to engage in conversations on and ponder more deeply about the issues related to the concept.

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