Bicycle 黑骷髅 Dead Soul V1 (Black) Playing Cards, USPCC 2016, designed by Sam Hayles for TCC, Bee stock, skull, skeleton, halloween. Brand new, sealed with cellophane

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– Launched 2016
– Check out the YouTube review by TheCardists

Available editions:
A) Bicycle Dead Souls V2 (White), limited edition of 2988, unnumbered
B) Bicycle Dragonlord (Black), limited edition of 1343, unnumbered
C) Bicycle Lost Spirit (Grey), limited edition of 1260, unnumbered
D) Apocalypse Bicycle Wooden Boxset, limited edition of 1000, numbered seal
Includes: A, B, C, 1, 3, 5
E) Bicycle Dead Soul V1 (Black), unnumbered

1. Silver Dead Soul Coin, limited edition of 1000
2. Gold Dead Soul Coin, limited edition of 300
3. Silver Dragonlord Coin, limited edition of 1000
4. Gold Dragonlord Coin, limited edition of 300
5. Silver Lost Spirit Coin, limited edition of 1000
6. Gold Lost Spirit Coin, limited edition of 300

Compared with the mysterious and solemnity of V1 Black, elegant White is used as the main color this time. The whole deck of cards is designed around the skull element, all revealing mystery, horror and elegance.

As a very popular style of the Karnival series in recent years, it will be presented to you again this time. The design of the card face is dominated by mysterious and terrifying skulls; the reverse side of the card box is the same vine totem as the card back; the extra smoke adds more details to the card. Skull, spine, rib wrist… Each one is a skeleton image, and you can even use these to piece together a complete skeleton.

In collectible coins, the detailed relief work of the skull transforms this coin into an exquisite work of art.

🌟 Artwork by Sam Hayles, who designed Karnival Series. Branded with the Bicycle logo for collection. Printed by USPCC. Includes 5 gaff cards.

🌟 About Sam Hayles
Sam Hayles is an independent design consultant and award-winning graphic designer and has experience in working with bands, record labels, Trailer Music companies, DJs, Artists, Magicians and Music Composers since 1999!

🌟 Sam is also a famous playing card designer in United Kingdom, he has designed many excellent playing cards such as Bicycle Karnival Series,Bicycle Dead Eyes, Bicycle DOSE, which are popular and approved by the playing card Collectors.

🌟 TCC always wanted to design a playing card full of strong visual impact, so they have created the Bicycle Dead Souls (Black) Playing Cards. This pack was designed from 16 Apr 2015 to 31 May 2016. During that time, it took more than 100 revisions to get them dead right. You’ll be amazed at the scary, yet sometimes humorous, detail of these playing cards.

🌟 Some great features of this deck include:
– Designed by Sam Hayles, Who Designed Bicycle Karnival Series.
– Printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)
– Branded with the Bicycle logo for collection
– Bee Stock. Fan smooth and easy to recover
– 54 different and amazingly special designs for the card faces

This deck is perfect for Halloween, and is great for any ghoulish or eerie effects. Be sure to grab your audience’s attention with the Dead Soul Bicycle Playing Cards.

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