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– Launched May 2018 on Kickstarter, 261 backers pledged HK$ 71,807 or approx SGD$12,235, out of HK$ 31,200 goal, to help bring this project to life.

– Check out the YouTube review by VJose32

– Bicycle Constellations V2 only has one design

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– Bicycle Constellations V1 comes in all 12 Zodiacs with 12 different designs.


The constellation is a combination of stars in the sky. In ancient times, the stars in groups of three and four were correlated by people with figures or utensils from myth, which were called constellations. The constellations play as much of a role in various human civilizations, whether in the science fields like orientation identifications and astronomical researches, or in the areas like theological divination, horoscope fortune and disposition.

For everybody, no matter it is the the universe initially understood in the childhood or it is the horoscope fortune obsessed with in the youth, the constellation has been integrated into everyone’s life as well as the minds of designers.

The Bocopo Playing Card Company released the Bicycle Constellations Playing Cards in the early February of 2017 and it has raised funds successfully within 45 days. As art collections and gifts, they are loved by cardists. Besides, this is a continuation version of constellations series, which will bring you more perfect visual enjoyment.

It is the Birth Chart that is the main element in the design. As the basis of astrology, inferring one’s personality and destiny from the chart also veils the mysteries on zodiac.

Purple, as a color full of mystery, is always moreish. The purple nebulae on the tuck makes the night sky just like a dream and the Birth Chart with clean lines also adds a color of theology to it.

Unlike the previous cards , different backgrounds were chosen for the card face according to colors of suits. With dominant tones of azure and fuchsia respectively for black and red suits cards, cleanliness and profundity have been mixed in one deck. Besides, the digital fonts on the deck are also redesigned, which are more chic.

Do you remember the background of the Bicycle Constellations Playing Cards series? The whole series colors are extracted to put into this new artwork. In addition, it is designed to demonstrate various visual effects in various cardistry sleights for one-way back card. As the main element, the Birth Chart has been shown on the back of the card, with elegant and lovely ornamentation and graphic patterns to increase the decency and aura.

There are two JOKER cards in the deck. One JOKER combines all the zodiac symbols with very artistic and elegant lines with significance on one card. The other JOKER depicts the wheel of a constellation, one side of which is a viper winding the shackle, the other side has been turned into a broken butterfly. The designer also wants to tell the cardists that regardless of the fate of the constellation, whether winded by misfortune or not, they will eventually turn into butterflies from cocoons to gain freedom and light. So we should face each day and night with the most beautiful gesture.

Whose fate is being held by the wizard’s thread ? Can he see through the destiny or not ? If so, can he change his own fate? No one knows except for him. And what we can feel is the infinite undiscovery about of the universe and the desire of human exploration.

As the combined version of the series, Bicycle Constellations Playing Cards depicts not only the natural beauty of constellation, but also the human exploration for the universe and starry sky, the rules of destiny, as well as the countless, esoteric and mysterious ties between human civilization and nature.

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