Bicycle David Blaine Mind Reading Playing Cards (Black), USPCC 2010, Marked, impossible illusion, celebrity magician, illusionist, card stunt, optical illusion Joker, instructions for nine tricks. Out of Print. Brand new, shrinkwrapped

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– Launched 2010
– Check out the YouTube review by Complete Deception

– Available editions:
1. Bicycle David Blaine Transformation Deck (Red) – Svengali
2. Bicycle David Blaine Discover Magic Deck (Blue) – Stripper
3. Bicycle David Blaine Mind Reading Deck (Black) – Marked

This is a relatively easy to read marked deck that uses the Lesley system with the Wild placement. The deck also includes an advertising card, an optical illusion Joker, a double backed card and a David Blaine logo Ace of Spades which is used as a revelation in one of the tricks taught.

Instructions include information on how to use the deck and nine tricks you can do with it.

Mind Reading Deck – Learn the Power to See Through Cards

This marked deck is one of the most powerful performing tools available. The hidden masks enable you to find select cards and sort through the suits with super human accuracy. The instruction booklet will teach you nine effects that can only be performed with this special marked deck. Deck can also be used as traditional playing cards.

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