Bicycle David Blaine Transformation Deck Playing Cards, USPCC 2010, Svengali, impossible illusion, celebrity magician, illusionist, card stunt, optical illusion Joker, instructions for eight tricks. Out of Print. Brand new, shrinkwrapped

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– Launched 2010
– Check out the YouTube review by Owen Attwood

– Available editions:
1. Bicycle David Blaine Transformation Deck (Red) – Svengali
2. Bicycle David Blaine Discover Magic Deck (Blue) – Stripper
3. Bicycle David Blaine Mind Reading Deck (Black) – Marked

The Transformation Deck is not just a deck of cards, but a powerful illusion capable of mystifying even skeptics. This Svengali deck will allow a spectator to see all the cards as different and freely select one. A moment later, you will cause every card in the deck to become the selected card. This is not just a good card stunt—it’s impossible. But doing the impossible is what a magician does. There are eight effects explained in detail that you can only perform with this special deck.

This is a standard Svengali deck and you get a single deck which you have to assemble yourself. The deck also includes a blank face card with a graphic back and an optical illusion Joker.

Instructions include information on how to use the deck and eight tricks you can do with it. Two of the tricks use it unassembled.

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