Bicycle Distressed Red Expert Back Playing Cards (2010 Heritage Series), USPCC 2012. Retro, faux tea stained, historic, iconic Statue of Freedom Ace of Spades, Anglo-American royals, vintage. Brand new, sealed with cellophane, in stocks

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– Not to be confused with
1. Theory 11 sells a Heritage Series set that contains 4 non-distressed decks that do not include the Expert Back.
2. Ellusionist sells a Vintage Series 1800 deck that comes with a distressed look.
– Available designs in the 2010 Heritage Series :
1. Distressed Red
2. Distressed Green
3. Distressed Blue
– Check out the YouTube review by TheCardists

🌟 This Bicycle deck has a unique weathered look that hearkens back to the turn of the 20th century. The design of the Expert Back was first printed on Bicycle playing cards in 1895.

🌟 Released in 2012 by USPCC Bicycle, the Bicycle Expert Back pays homage to one of the first ever back designs ever created by the company in 1895, also called the Expert back. The design is extremely similar and often times confused with another back design called the Old Fan back. According to, “USPCC itself misidentified” the two on another release the same year. The Old Fan back was also re-issued in 2010 on another “tribute” type deck called the 125 Years Anniversary Edition deck.

🌟 The tuck case features a vintage or early USPCC issued Ace of Spades with the “Statue of Freedom” design on the front of the tuck. The entire tuck case has a distressed overlay with rustic coloring. This creates an old or worn look as if it were an actual Expert back deck from the late 1800’s. From afar this can be taken as such but on close inspection this is clearly identified as artificial and an intentional design element. The distressing looks like a brown tie-dye or marbling up close. Some may even say it looks like coffee spilled on the deck. The distressed tuck case gives the deck a very distinguished look from other standard Bicycle decks. If it were a simple red on white, or off white even, design the vintage or heritage aspect might end up being lost.

🌟 On breaking the seal, we are met with 56 cards in total, which includes the standard 52, 2 Jokers and 2 ad cards. The entire deck comes with the same distressed look found on the tuck case. This was predictable. The look is consistently one-way on the backs of the cards, meaning the distressed patterns that overlay the original two-way back design only go in one direction. This makes the complete back design one-way even though the original Expert back was a two-way design. This is disappointing but it makes sense why USPCC did this as true aging never mirrors itself.

🌟 The Ace Of Spades continues the theme of bringing back the old design as it features the “Statue of Freedom” design found on earlier decks. It is refreshing to see USPCC keep the vintage theme going beyond the back design. Indices are smaller on the Expert back decks when compared to standard Bicycle decks. Reading these cards can be difficult for some that are used to the larger indices or those with bad eyes. Add the smaller indices plus the weathered and faded distressing together and it can cause even more reading difficulty. One thing to note that is different on the face and number cards is that the distressed element is different on each card. This is a tremendous bonus and shows that the design is not limited by lazy design.

🌟 Moving on to the court cards, we are greeted with standard Anglo-American royals with more of the older characteristics found on earlier cards. Once again we see USPCC carry over the old school theme.

🌟 Number cards come with smaller indices but the center pips are fatter and boxier than what you get in a Bicycle Standard deck. These fonts and design styles are reminiscent of design capabilities in the late 1800’s. The distressing is carried throughout as well.

🌟 The Jokers feature black lined playing card kings on bikes with the 808 milestone. A warranty is included on one of the Jokers.

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