Bicycle Porcelain Playing Cards, USPCC 2017. Designed by Fin Studio. Chinese culture, chinoiserie. Brand new, sealed with cellophane. In stocks

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– Launched 2017
– Check out the YouTube review by The Card Guy

🌟 Not to be confused with Legends Porcelain, the Bicycle Porcelain is a truly elegant deck, in which the immortal beauty of the blue and white traditional Chinese porcelain is honored.
The beautiful back makes these cards a “one-way” deck. The stunning case has embossed details that enhance its beauty.

🌟 An important invention of the ancient Chinese people was that of a fine, delicate material known as porcelain. It isn’t one of the most famous inventions to come out of ancient China, such as gunpowder or printing, but porcelain was still one of the main exports in Chinese history.

🌟 Today, it is a popular souvenir for tourists and can be found in many markets and specialty stores throughout China.

🌟 What is porcelain made of?
The porcelain developed in China consists of a well vitrified ceramic. This ceramic is usually composed of a type of clay called kaolin. It can include ingredients such as: glass, bone, ash, quartz, and alabaster.

🌟 Why was porcelain first made in ancient China?
The three essentials for porcelain are kaolin, fuel for high-temperature kilns, and glaze. Even though China mastered the glaze technology several hundred years later than New Babylon, China possessed two essentials which other areas didn’t have: abundant kaolin and forest resources.

🌟 The complete history of porcelain in China and the world is one of interest to history buffs, lovers of culture, and anyone with an interest in visiting China for themselves.

🌟 Why is porcelain called “China” in the West?
Ever since the first pieces of porcelain were imported by traders to the western world, it has been uniquely associated with its land of origin. The name “china” comes from the fact that the China was the sole producer of porcelain in the ancient world.

🌟 From the Song Dynasty (960-1279) to the end of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Chinese porcelain created a mass fervor wherever it arrived and changed lifestyles with its practicality and desirability. Until today, there’s no other product in the world that has achieved such a lasting influence for hundreds of years.

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