Bicycle Rainbow Gorgeous V2 Rainbow Laser Gilded Playing Cards, USPCC 2020, EPCS. Limited edition of 288, unnumbered. Graffiti letters on tuck case, colour gradient, full rainbow spectrum, Cardistry. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed, instocks

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– Launched 2020
– Check out the YouTube review by VJose32 (he did for both V1 and V2)

– Available designs
1. Rainbow Gorgeous V1
2. Rainbow Gorgeous V2 Regular
3. Rainbow Gorgeous V2 Rainbow Laser Gilded, limited edition of 288, numbered seal.
4. Rainbow Gorgeous V2 Blue Laser Gilded

Again, there is so much misinformation out there. These are *not* designed or manufactured by Bocopo. They are manufactured by EPCS and printed by USPCC. EPCS =/= Bocopo! EPCS created the Glamor Nugget series. They work with Bocopo and other design companies but these are not Bocopo decks. I guess in some sellers’ minds, they are one and the same, but they’re really not.

If you love cardistry, how could you not have a rainbow Bicycle Gorgeous! In addition to the classic Bicycle rider back, each card has a different color, and the beautiful colors combination has its own characteristics and strong visual integrity. No matter you are doing fans, cutting or shuffling, the bright and clear hue makes the cardistry stunning, like a vibrant rainbow blooming in the palm.

This is one rainbow that will not disappear into the air. Bicycle Rainbow Gorgeous captures the burst of colours in the rainbow spectrum.

Tuck case uses mysterious Black as a base, to make the grafitti letters pop. Each and every one of the 54 cards has a different colour gradient, that makes for infinite possibilities during Cardistry routines!

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