Bicycle Shin Ultraman Playing Cards, USPCC 2022, Japan exclusive, Shinji Higuchi, Kaiju movie, old school Japanese classic, fantasy, monster, superhero saves humanity, Neronga, Kaminaga, SSSP. Red, White, Black, Grey. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched 2022
– Check out the YouTube video of how huge it is in Japan

– and the official trailer of the Shin Ultraman movie

Official deck of playing cards for the iconic Shin Ultraman. Each card features a custom artwork that relieves the Japanese classic. A Japan exclusive.

On the face of the card, in addition to Ultraman, there are many giant unknown creatures, evil beasts, items and marks that appeared in the movie, and the design is very enjoyable.

Following the invasion of several kaiju in Japan, the Ministry establish the S-Class Species Suppression Protocol (SSSP) to eliminate further threats. When the SSSP respond to an attack by an S-Class kaiju dubbed “Neronga”, a silver giant extraterrestrial emerges from the sky and defeats Neronga. However, the incident leaves SSSP member Shinji Kaminaga injured while trying to save a lost child. Analyst Hiroko Asami is transferred from the Public Security Intelligence Agency to the SSSP and partnered with Kaminaga, who seemingly recovered from his injuries; Asami submits a report on the silver giant, dubbing it “Ultraman”. The SSSP respond to another S-Class Species attack by a kaiju dubbed “Gabora”. Unbeknownst to the SSSP, Kaminaga transforms into Ultraman, now adorning red and silver colors; he defeats Gabora before it could attack a nuclear waste storage facility.

Another alien, named Zarab, makes contact with the SSSP, with the intention of establishing an accord with Japan’s Ministry. After Kaminaga learns of Zarab’s true intentions to influence countries to destroy each other by triggering conflict, he is neutralized and kidnapped by Zarab. To discredit Ultraman, Zarab attacks parts of Japan disguised as Ultraman and leaks footage of Kaminaga’s transformation; resulting in an international manhunt. Asami receives Kaminaga’s transforming device, the Beta Capsule, for safekeeping from Zarab. Asami finds and frees Kaminaga but is captured by Zarab herself. Kaminaga retrieves the Beta Capsule and transforms into Ultraman, saves Asami, and exposes Zarab’s disguise before defeating him.

While Kaminaga goes into hiding, Asami is kidnapped and transformed into a mind-controlled giant by another alien, named Mefilas. Demonstrating good faith, he reverts Asami back to normal size using the Beta Box, a large variant of the Beta Capsule. Mefilas strikes a deal with the Ministry to supply them with the Beta Box for deterrent purposes in return for unconditional obedience. Kaminaga disagrees with Mefilas’ plan and conspires with the SSSP to stop the exchange. They successfully hijack the Box and Ultraman engages Mefilas in combat. Mefilas rescinds his plans after noticing Ultraman’s superior Zōffy observing their battle and warns Ultraman of a coming threat before departing Earth with the Box.

The SSSP are briefly detained for aiding Ultraman but are soon released after their Chief convinces the Ministry that Ultraman coerced them. Kaminaga converses with Zōffy in the forest where Kaminaga was injured. It is revealed that Kaminaga was not injured but killed by debris when Ultraman landed. Inspired by Kaminaga’s sacrifice, Ultraman had assumed his identity to better understand him. Zōffy informs Ultraman that he is to face punishment for breaking their planet’s code of merging with a human. Believing that humanity would pose a threat if they could evolve into giants, Zōffy employs the ultimate weapon Zetton to eradicate them.

Kaminaga warns the SSSP of this, leaves them a flash drive, and flies to Earth’s orbit as Ultraman to stop Zetton. Defeated, Kaminaga is hospitalized while the government decides not to disclose humanity’s fate to the world as a final act of mercy. SSSP physicist Akihisa Taki opens Kaminaga’s flash drive and uncovers the basic principles and theorems of the Beta Capsule and higher dimensional domains. After Kaminaga regains consciousness, Taki reveals to him the method that he and international scientists had devised to defeat Zetton. Kaminaga transforms into Ultraman and opens a black hole by igniting the Beta Capsule one millisecond before Zetton fires its heatwave. Zetton and Ultraman are swallowed by the black hole but Zōffy rescues Ultraman.

Zōffy insists that Ultraman returns to their planet, but Ultraman wishes to stay and protect Earth. Zōffy refuses to compromise, thus Ultraman decides to sacrifice himself to resurrect Kaminaga. Zōffy questions Ultraman’s decision to sacrifice himself to save an inferior race, but after witnessing their teamwork to defeat Zetton, he is forced to admire their tenacity in the face of death.

The SSSP greets Kaminaga as he opens his eyes, having received a second chance at life.

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