Bicycle Ultimate Zombies Playing Cards, by X-Files artist Brian Denham, Joeming Dunn, USPCC 2013, Kickstarter, Re-Animation, new flip book feature, “Magic Finish” coating. Black & White, Red, Out of Print. Brand new, sealed with cellophane

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– Launched May 2013 on Kickstarter, 509 backers pledged $15,407, out of $7,205 goal, to help bring this project to life.
– Check out the YouTube review by VJose32

Being fans of the Zombie genre, we had discussed over the years of doing a zombie trading card set but we had never thought of doing a zombie playing card set and now we have an opportunity to bring our love of zombies, art and cards and combining them into one project. So we set the plan into action.

First we wanted to have the coolest of playing cards, so naturally the deck is going to be made by card producer THE UNITED STATES PLAYING CARD COMPANY so you can rest assured it can be used as regular deck. But hold your horses, there’s more, it will also have some other useful information.

Brian will design each card in a unique fashion, as you can see from the art included in this project. It will be similar to a zombie recognition guide…just in case you ever forget what those zombies look like; (you certainly need to know what zombies you’re dealing with). Wouldn’t it be fun to say…”I took out one of those types of zombies?”

It will also have some survivalist pictures, you need to be able to recognize friend and foe. That guy with a shotgun could be quite helpful but you don’t want to hang around that person that has a death wish.

In fact if you are the ULTIMATE survivalist, YOU can also be part of the deck. Just check out some of the incentives that are included with the project. Don’t go too slow, as those incentives will go fast.

You may know Brian Denham as the artist of Iron Man: Hypervelocity, Evil Ernie, The Undead, Crawling Sky, Angel (from the Buffyverse) and The X-Files so we are fairly sure you will be happy with his work.

It’s tough to get projects like this off the ground especially when it comes to the minimum amount that is necessary to get the cards printed. We all know that the best bunker needs that first piece of dirt to be dug up. Brian is going to put some time and effort into getting the deck finished including doing all the specialized face cards; this of course will take time and money. Thankfully to sites like Kickstarter, this kind of project can become a reality.

NEW FEATURES- Redesigned back with full color! Full color face cards and numbers! A new flip-animation feature we call, “Re-Animation” You’ll be able to flip the deck and see a zombie come to life, or flip the other end to see a zombie horde chase a survivor! Our special coating will be called “End Trails” and is a performance grade, AKA “Magic Finish” coating. As we go higher in funding we will look to add the highest grade finish available to us. Court Cards with survivor and zombie features. If you have noticed we lowered the pricing on the court cards. It’s more affordable now to be immortalized forever.

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