Bicycle Who watch? Playing Cards, USPCC 2019, Matsui Gaming, exclusive to Japan, promo deck from, live streaming platform. Out of print. Yellow, Orange, Japanese celebrities, famous anime characters. Brand new, sealed

207.86 $


– Launched 2019
🎯 – Price is higher as this is a resale deck from a retailer that went out of business. These are decks in perfect condition that were meant for retail, not dinged up decks from individual Ebay sellers.
– This is now out of print with Matsui Gaming. They don’t have it anymore. I am very low in stocks, please check before payment.
– Unfortunately price is set by current resale market value, and not by me.

🪐 Promo deck from, a Japanese live streaming platform.

🪐 Matsui Gaming Machine Co., Ltd. is the sole distributor in Japan for Bicycle Card and B Card.

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