Bicycle x LINE, “Jungle Brown” (Green) Playing Cards. Hidden Surprise Mystery Deck, slim chance for Green Laser Gilded. Kidult, Line friends, cartoon, official collaboration. Out of Print, Gilded not guaranteed. Brand new, sealed, instocks

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– Launched April 2020 by Bicycle China. Limited Gold Gilded Edge decks are randomly packed in the editions. There is no way to guarantee the gilded decks! Please just assume you won’t be getting one to avoid disappointment.
– Check out the YouTube video by Ken Shen

– and the YouTube review by VJose32

– Available editions
1. A Day of Brown (White)
2. Play Doodle (Yellow)
3. Jungle Brown (Green)
4. Brown & Friends (Blue)

✴️ – The biggest tragedy, is when sellers don’t realize what they have in their hands. This collaboration between Bicycle and LINE friends is not just kawaii, the kicker is that they have slipped in Laser Gilded decks with regular decks (3V1L!!! Hidden Surprise my butt, more like Evil Surprise)
– There is *NO* way to tell anything from the tuck box. Trust me, no clues at all. It all depends on luck. I know someone who opened one and got a Gilded deck (I may have stomped off in a huff). I also know someone who opened 6 and got all regulars (me, that would be me).
– therefore, no guarantees. Be warned if you decide to go down this slippery slope. Once I opened 1 Gilded deck, well, the OCD collector in me wants Gilded for all 4, right?

🌟 LINE is the dominant social communication app that’s widely used in East Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. LINE Friends are the most popular brand mascots.

The four founding characters: Cony, Brown, Moon, and James first appeared in two sticker packages, Brown and Cony’ and Moon and James ‘as it launched in 2011. They became popular quickly due to their unique designs.

In 2013, three new characters: Boss, Jessica and Sally joined the group. then a year later, Leonard was introduced and appeared in LINE TOWN and Edward was soon introduced by a sticker package called Edward: Special Edition and the group and brand was finally formed and launched.

In 2016, As its 5th anniversary, LINE announced Brown’s younger sister Choco as a new member. And her boyfriend Pangyo was introduced in LINE×Apps for Earth sticker package as its “Protect the Environment” campaign.

LINE is from Korea. but its YouTube channels expect Brown TV and animated series are from Japan due to it’s popularly. The non-protagonist LINE Friends characters are only appearances in its stickers or in the LINE Rangers.

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