Boba Playing Cards (Brown, Regular, Non Gilded), by Bao Hoang, YouTube magician Bao Magic, USPCC 2021, Kickstarter, Asian bubble tea, pearl milk tea, #BBTISLIFE, BaoBao Restaurant, limited edition of 3500. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched Mar 2021 on Kickstarter, 1,633 backers pledged CA$ 99,400, out of CA$ 9,999 goal, to help bring this project to life. (CAD exchange rate is similar to SGD)
– Check out the YouTube review by Deckin Around

– and the unboxing by Bao Hoang himself on Bao Magic

– and Bao’s first reveal accompanied by a very easy & sweet magic card trick tutorial. His content & creations are so wholesome, and I love how he adds value to the whole card collecting experience!

– Tenkai vanish using the same deck

– Available editions:
1. Boba Playing Cards – Regular
2. Boba Playing Cards – Copper Gilded
3. Boba Playing Cards – Holographic Gilded
4. Matcha Boba Playing Cards – Regular
5. Matcha Boba Playing Cards – Green Metallic Gilded
6. Matcha Boba Playing Cards – Holographic Gilded


Bubble tea, also known as “boba,” has been around since the 1980s, originating from Taiwan. Its popularity has been growing exponentially, and it’s known as an internationally beloved drink! As it is a true staple in most Asian cultures, we’ve decided to create this deck of Boba Playing Cards as a way to celebrate a uniting aspect of Asian culture. With our innovative (and by no means “subtle Asian”) design, you can now take your beloved boba with you anywhere! Boba is love, boba is life!

This deck will NOT be reprinted after the Kickstarter Campaign.
Includes a clear protective case on top of the tuck box.
Two way custom back design.
Custom Aces, Jokers, Court Cards, Number Cards, and Pips.
Includes a double back card and a duplicate 4 of hearts for magicians.
Printed by the United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC) with AIR CUSHION Finish on BEE CASINO GRADE PAPER, CRUSHED.

It’s not boba if it doesn’t come in a plastic cup! Our packaging includes a transparent casing that mimics the classic bubble tea cup, and it also doubles as a protective case for the deck!

The transparent casing features a design of its own, with an adorable face on one side, and the Boba Playing Cards logo on the other side. We included a small cut-out-like circle at the top of the case to give you the same experience of having a lid for a straw, but please don’t actually try to poke a straw through it though!

We decided on a rather minimalist design for the actual box for the deck. The design itself resembles what you would expect a cup of boba to actually look like: brown sugar with the tapioca (bubbles) at the bottom, and milk tea on top. This pairs perfectly with the plastic casing to really give you the experience of holding a cup of boba!

The combination of the two pieces of packaging will for sure make you crave the sweet taste of brown sugar bubble tea!

Creating a symmetrical back design that fits the boba theme was not an easy task! After many brainstorming sessions, and countless drafts, we finally came up with our final back design. Instead of putting the focus on the image of “bubble tea”, we decided to redirect our focus to the actual product, the milk tea!

We ended up with a simple and elegant design featuring a colour scheme and shape that perfectly represents brown sugar bubble tea. Adding a border to the design was both choice in aesthetics and utility. The border works as a separator between each card, but it also represents the “container” that holds the milk tea!

Brown sugar bubble tea has never looked so good on paper!

“It’s the little details that matter!”

And because we’re invested in the little details, we created custom pips for each suit. They also say that consistency is key, and in terms of aesthetics, this is especially true! So, we decided to carry the milk tea theme we created for the back design over to the pips.

The traditionally red pips now follow a light brown milk tea inspired theme, and the traditionally black pips follow a dark brown tapioca inspired theme. Each pip also features the same “wave” of milk tea on top.

As for the ace of spades, instead of it being an enlarged version of our custom pips, we created a whole new design. The highlight of the card is an actual cup of boba that emerges from the spade with splashes of milk tea in the surrounding areas. We believe that this unique design helps tie together the entire boba theme!

We decided to keep the traditional art style of standard court cards, but we also managed to “boba-fy” them! If you look closely, each and every court card has a different and unique face, while performing a different and unique action! Be sure to take a good look at each individual court cards to see what they’re up to!

What’s a boba themed deck without boba themed jokers? Our custom jokers feature a card with a girl running with boba, as well as a boy running with boba! Who wouldn’t be running with excitement when they have boba? But please be sure to not run while drinking boba because that’s just an accident waiting to happen!

We’ve packed in some extra goodies for some of our boba loving magician friends! We’ve included two extra cards in this deck: a double backer as well as a duplicate card of our four of hearts, so if you know, you know 😉

Hi there! I’m Bao Hoang and I’m mostly know as a magician and content creator. As a boba lover and a playing card collector, I wanted to combine my appreciation for both by bringing you the Boba Playing Cards by BaoBao Restaurant. My vision for this deck has been made possible with the illustrations from Angga Tantama and Meko Deng.

The United States Playing Card Company will print Boba Playing Cards with AIR CUSHION Finish with the BEE CASINO GRADE PAPER, CRUSHED. LIMITED EDITION OF 3500 decks. These cards are made responsibly, with sustainable forest papers, starch-based laminating, and vegetable-based inks. Made in the USA.

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