Fontaine: Carrots V2 (Orange Black) Playing Cards, Collab with Anwar Carrots (clothing brand), limited edition of 10000, unnumbered. Zach Mueller, streetwear tribute. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched 2019, Carrots v2 + v3 dropped on Wednesday 03/13/19. Murphy’s Magic has restocked.
– Check out the YouTube review by Kier Gomes comparing V2 & V3

– “BANGERS ONLY” Cardistry using Carrots, created and performed by Edgar Isaac and Luis Mecalco.

– Available editions:
1. Carrots V1 – Orange
2. Carrots V2 – Orange / Black
3. Carrots V3 Regular – Red / Black
4. Carrots V3 Gold Gilded – Red / Black

Fontaine Playing Cards joined forces with Anwar Carrots (Carrots clothing brand) and sold out with 2 previous editions.

From the original private stock, we got our hands on Original Carrots V3.
However, there are extremely limited quantities available, and they will NOT be reprint.

Fontaine Carrots v3 are the 14th deck of Fontaine Cards by Zach Mueller, made in collaboration with Carrots by Anwar Carrots.
1 of 2,500 decks printed

Don’t wait…these will NOT last…
Carrots V2 SOLD OUT instantly on 2 separate drops
Carrots V1 SOLD OUT: in 79 min on the Fontaine website

Fontaine Carrots V3 have a mysterious black back design overlayed with the iconic Fontaine “F” pattern and vibrant red carrot outlines.
Incredible style and amazing visuals for any cardist, magician and collector.

How did the Fontaine Playing Card/ Carrot clothing partnership begin?

In September of 2016 I drove to downtown Los Angeles’ Fashion District to meet Anwar Carrots.
As a longtime fan of the Carrots brand, I went to talk streetwear, and give Anwar Fontaines.
I arrived at the last hour on the last day of clothing tradeshow for buyers and distributors. I slept in.
As booths were packing up, I introduced myself to Anwar, showed cardistry, and told him my story.
“Honestly I haven’t met anyone yet at this event I want to work with, except one guy who I might make a 1/1 snowboard with”, Anwar said, pausing.
“Let’s do a deck.”

Joining cardistry and streetwear has been a longtime dream. Lining up at supreme in 2011, I dreamt of a day when kids would line up for playing cards.
I’ve been a fan of Anwar since tumblr, thru PNCintl, and you’ll see me wearing carrots in my videos since 2013. I genuinely love this brand. Anwar and I started working on this collection over 10 months ago. Today Carrots Fontaines are a reality. To hold this deck, with my logo and the carrots logo, is very surreal.
My first collab being with my favorite street wear brand is a dream. Kids lining up at Round Two for a deck of cards is a dream. Making friends in streetwear, learning and getting inspired by Jered Vargas, Mike Cherman, Alex Bortz, Joey Paschette, Bobby Hundreds, Andy Paz, Ryan O’Conner, and Sean Wotherspoon is a dream.
All of these dreams are actually becoming a reality. It’s fucking nuts, and I’m so honored and humbled to be part of it all. This is just the beginning.

Carrots v2 by Anwar Carrots edition Fontaines are the 13th deck of Fontaine Cards by Zach Mueller, made in collaboration with Carrots by Anwar Carrots. Carrots v2 are Black and Orange in color. A limited run of 10,000 decks printed. 5,000 available now, until supplies run out.*

*Maximum quantity of 36 decks per order. Orders will begin shipping next week. You will be redirected to our Shopify store. We will release the other 5,000 decks at 2am March 14, to facilitate easier purchasing for international customers. Both USA, Canada and International orders will be accepted for both release times.

Every Purchase of 12 decks of Carrots v2 will include 1 complimentary deck of Carrots v3 “Red/Black”. These are NOT for sale separately. Carrots v3 are 1 of 2,500 decks printed. Each purchase of 12 v2 decks will also receive a custom brick box. The v3 pictured above will never be sold online… except…

Surprise! We went a little wild and ALSO made 200 GOLD FOIL v3 editions. These will be the ONLY versions of v3 available to purchase online. GOLD FOIL v3 are 1 of 200 decks made, 100 available now, and 100 available at 2am March 14 along with the rest of the Carrots v2.

To clarify, by purchasing 12 decks of v2 Carrots, you will get a STANDARD EDGE v3 deck. You will NOT get a GOLD FOIL v3 deck.

Carrots v2 edition Fontaines are printed on Bicycle stock with premium finish by the United States Playing Card Company. Carrots v2 Fontaines come with orange and black faces, jumbo suit aces, two Carrots jokers, and two art cards featuring Carrots wordmark logo and illustrated Carrot by Japanese artist Verdy. They will be shipped from Art of Play in San Diego next week.

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