King Star Kyushu V2: Phoenix (Red) Regular Playing Cards. Chronicles of Demons and Gods. 九州妖神录: 阳关引. Designed by King Star for HuiQi Magic. KSPCC 2022. China, mythology, legends, epic, traditional, deities, folklore. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched 2022

– Stocks will arrive in Singapore end of May and arrive to US end of Jun.

– Available editions:

1. King Star Kyushu V2 Phoenix (Red), Regular, unnumbered. 4 decks make for a panorama tuck scene. (See last photo)

2. King Star Kyushu V2 Moon Goddess (Blue), Rainbow Holographic Gilded, limited edition of 1000, numbered seal. This is normally not for sale individually, can only be found in the Boxset.

3. King Star Kyushu V2 Boxset, includes both decks (1) and (2). Limited edition of 1000.

4. King Star Kyushu V2 heat sensitive color changing mug – Sold Out. Waitlist, please register for interest.

5. King Star Kyushu V2 Mousepad. Sold Out. Waitlist.

6. King Star Kyushu V2 Bookmarks. Sold Out. Waitlist.

– There have been many comments since Kyushu V1 that this is not an “official” King Star deck simply because the King Star logo isn’t stamped prominently on the tuck. The backstory is very interesting, so I’ll share it with people who are genuine King Star fans.

– King Star designed and printed this series specially for the owner of HuiQi Playing Cards, 中哥 (Middle Brother, or an affectionate Sir Middle). This was a gesture of thanks for their working partnership. On the bottom of the tuck, it says very clearly that it’s designed by King Star and distributed by HuiQi Playing Cards.

– This is similar to Kings Wild Project designing a deck, having it printed by EPCC and distributed by Gambler’s Warehouse. Is it still a KWP deck? Of course it is! I am perplexed why people keep saying it’s an unofficial deck.

– Personally I like that the artwork is not dominated by the Kingstar logo. It’s like buying a Louis Vuitton bag, I don’t need the logo plastered all over it. Besides, if you have the Cloud / Sea series, particularly the half brick box, you’ll recognize King Star’s original designs instantly. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my listing for it.

🌟 Amidst the frenzy of the King Star launch, let’s everyone pause to appreciate the pure poetry behind these designs. Whether you’re interested in Chinese / Japanese mythology, the Kyushu series is one which will take your breath away with the artistry. I hope King Star elaborates on the backstories of each character because I’m absolutely enchanted.

🪐 According to traditional folklore, in the Dongyi land, ancestors worshipped the sun and the moon. “Phoenix” is a totem, which has close connections with the origins of the glorious Shang Dynasty.

🪐 Tianshen Dijun, the God of Gods, is the highest-ranking righteous deity in “Shan Hai Jing”, also known as the sun god, the moon god, the main god of the four directions. Changyi is the concubine of the god of the gods and is called the “moon goddess”. She is also a leader of the Dongyi tribe. Later myths established her as the legend of Chang’e.

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