King Star Sub Brand 含光 Hidden Light Cardistry Cards, Moon (Black) 夜明 Glow in the Dark. Cardistry practice decks. UV technology, purple, large indices / index, neon ink, subtle hidden details in centre of moon. Brand new, sealed, instocks

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– Launched 2022
– 含光 Hidden Light is shown prominently on the side of tuck.
– Sub Brand under King Star, focusing specifically on Cardistry practice decks. UV enhanced for some truly spectacular flourishes.
– Set of 2 decks meant to be mixed for some interesting tricks.

– Available editions:
1. Moon (White) 孤光 Solitary Light
2. Moon (Black) 夜明 Glow in the Dark

🪐 As a sub-brand of KING STAR, the meaning of [含光] is much more than a different name. The meaning it carries is:
· Innovative card design concept (art design and style are completely different from our traditional theme decks)

🪐 · Craft more suitable for practice (Because practice decks require a lot of play, we have also made slightly different adjustments to the craftsmanship from the theme decks)

🪐 · You can buy it anytime (due to our super-standard artistic design in today’s poker industry, many theme cards have been difficult to buy, but we guarantee you a sufficient supply of 含光 practice decks.)

🪐 Meaning, these are not limited edition decks.

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