Leonardo MMXV Silver Edition, by Art Playing Cards, Switzerland, USPCC, Kickstarter 2015, not 2018 edition! Brand new, sealed with cellophane

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– Launched Feb 2015 on Kickstarter, 1,568 backers contributed $81,204, out of $18,750 goal, to bring this project to life.
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– and the YouTube review by VJose32 of the 2018 editions (not 2015) at

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– Available editions:
1. Leonardo MMXVIII Edition Silver – 2018
2. Leonardo MMXVIII Edition Gold – 2018
3. Leonardo MMXV Edition Silver – 2015

In the designers’ own words:
“My interest in the art of Leonardo is lifelong. Realizing his work into modern playing card design has completely absorbed me this last year. Weaving elements of his paintings and drawings together and carefully integrating them has deepened my appreciation for Leonardo’s sublime talent.

I’m sure you can see in every detail my passionate dedication to my work. Please note the handwork on each suit and value – every card is unique, a real labor of love. To compliment the quality of the artwork, Leonardo will be printed by USPCC, the United States Playing Card Company. I hope you enjoy my project. This is Leonardo!

Leonardo Edition Silver | Tuck
The silver tuck, like it’s brother the gold, showcase the ethereal imagery of Leonardo’s most enigmatic landscapes. The roman date MMXV is stamped on the front, and my atelier Meisterwerke Altstadt on the back.

Leonardo Edition Silver | Card Back
Many elements come seamlessly together to form the card back. They include one of Leonardo’s most popular works The Vitruvian Man from the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venezia, who famously displays the ideal proportions of man. Other items depicted on the back include an equine head, blossoming flowers, and two deft examples of geometrical polyhedra.

Leonardo Edition Silver | Ace of Spades
This anatomical study of a human skull from The Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace, was a natural match for the Ace of Spades, known in the world of playing cards as The Death Card. I interpolated one of Leonardo’s Polyhedra ominously into the center. He drew these geometrical illustrations for his friend Luca Pacioli’s book The Divine Proportion. They are believed to be the first of their kind. This powerful card is one of my favorites, especially in Edition Silver.

Leonardo Edition Silver | King of Hearts
This is The Suicide King, one of the most fascinating face cards. I chose to feature one of the warriors from The Battle of Anghiari, although the original is lost to us. Luckily, the Peter Paul Rubens copy (itself based on an engraving by Lorenzo Zacchia) provides a glimpse into the power of the Leonardo original. Careful manipulation of the sword arm yielded the ferocity I was looking for. Leonardo was unsurpassed in his ability to render movement within a composition.

Leonardo Edition Silver | Five of Diamonds
One of the pips, featuring a fine example of Leonardo’s secretive handwriting. Values and symbols on every card are scaled, distorted and distressed to respect both the tone and the weight of the overall design. One of the most interesting aspects of the project was the creation of the suits and the interpretation of them in relation to Leonardo’s life and work. I was especially guided by his own thoughts and words. There are a fair number of excellent biographies and monographs available about him, I have shared a selection in the sources section of this page.

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