Bicycle Geung Si Playing Cards – Twilight Basic Edition (Green and Red). Chinese Eastern Hopping Vampires, by Hypielab, USPCC. Talisman, sword, Hong Kong culture. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed with cellophane

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– This was launched on Kickstarter on 19 Aug 2020. Within 30 days, a whooping 514 backers had contributed HKD$274,061 or SGD$47,355 to bring this project to life!
– To understand why Chinese hopping vampires resonates so much with Asians, check out the 1990s Hong Kong series My Date with a Vampire on Youtube

– This series terrified yet entertained us while growing up. It was actually pretty well written with great acting from experienced actors.
– and the deck review by VJose32

– Available designs :
1. Bicycle Geung Si Twilight Basic (Green and Red)
2. Bicycle Geung Si Midnight Basic (Black and Red)
3. Unbranded Geung Si Twilight Premium (Green and Red)
4. Unbranded Geung Si Midnight Premium (Black and Red)
5. Geung Si Talisman Deck (Yellow)

🌟 HypieLab is back with their third Kickstarter project and they are sparing no effort to once again instil fun and kooky ideas to their serious dabble in playing cards. The Geung Si Playing Cards explores a slice of the Chinese hopping vampire, popularized by Hong Kong cinematic scene in the 80s and 90s in a genre blend of horror, comedy and action. Throw in elements of myths, urban legends, modern vampire fiction and recent Chinese dynasties of Ming and Qing (where Chinese hopping vampires stories usually take place) and add a big spoonful of manga-styled characters will give you their latest offering.

🌟 The Geung Si Playing Cards is the part one of a 2-deck series on vampires east and west. They hope that this series will contrast the familiar western vampires with the less familiar eastern vampires and introduce, especially to younger backers, to the peculiar epoch that makes up a substantial part of their childhood memories, one that entertained and scared us at the same time.

🌟 – Designed by Sin Yee Lam & Produced by HypieLab Company (@hypiedeck), a design studio based in Hong Kong.
– Fully custom pips & courts.
Cards printed by The United States Playing Card Company. Made in USA.
– Geung Si Premium tuck cases made of premium quality paper stock by GMUND from Germany. – Foiled, letterpressed & embossed.
– Bicycle branded tuckcase. Printed by USPCC. Made in USA.

🌟 The card back features the Talisman (黃符), Wooden Talisman Sword (木劍), Yin Yang Symbol in the middle. The composition resembles the symbolic meaning of sealing the vampire in its coffin.

🌟 The Talisman deck is a domino-sized deck and the stripe-like dimensions & also the color choices are a perfect match to the concept of the Chinese Talisman.

🌟 Hau/Hou is one kind of Ba (魃) which is a kind of zombie according to some statements in the Ming & Qing Dynasty

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