Outlaw Hell Raiser (Brown) Playing Cards, Marked, by Lee McKenzie, Kings & Crooks, USPCC, Kickstarter 2018, motorcycle clubs, skull, bones, rebels, bad ass, road warriors, limited edition of 1000, unnumbered. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched Jan 2018 on Kickstarter, 479 backers pledged AU$ 29,607 or approx SGD$26,447, out of AU$ 24,000 goal, to help bring this project to life.
– Check out the YouTube review by The Card Guy

– Available editions:
1. Outlaw Playing Cards Regular (Black & White)
2. Outlaw Playing Cards Hell Raiser (Brown), Marked, limited edition of 1000, unnumbered

Outlaw is a premium, 100% custom designed deck with a bad attitude and big cojones.
Inspired by the wild, ride or die attitude of rebel motorcycle clubs, I got hooked exploring the notorious world and iconic culture of these rule-breaking road warriors and began a mission to create one of the most bad ass decks of playing cards on the planet. A savage, no-holds-barred design that captured the authentic, uncaged outlaw spirit and the fierce freedom these born-to-ride rebels live for.

The Outlaw artwork is in the hands of the big dogs at the U.S Playing Card Co. They’re ready to crank up their gears and print these bad boys at the highest quality, however…

…there’s just one rebel in my crew missing. You.
Like every deck I create, I’ve invested hundreds of hours, days and nights into designing the Outlaws. It’s my passion, but they’ll never become a reality without you. By becoming a backer you’re giving me the critical support I need to pay for the entire production and bring this deck to life. If you’re down to ride with me, grab some rebel Outlaw decks from the reward tiers and share the project with a friend, I can’t do this without you.

It’s time to play a little dangerously.
For the hell-raisers who live on the edge…The wild ones, trouble-makers, rebels and risk-takers… these are the Outlaw playing cards.

A vicious, striking black and white design with an authentic armory of iconic outlaw motorcycle club details. With a sharp, custom bordered edge to set it off, the Outlaws are a savage feat of design bad-assery with a gritty wildness that commands attention and roars with attitude.

Caged in a heavyweight, raw, smokey matte black tuck box, every fine detail of the design will be stamped in a lighting-white foil with precision embossing all around. We’re crafting a metallic black and silver foil deck seal to keep these troublemakers protected, featuring a custom die-cut edge design you won’t find anywhere else out there.

A Motorcycle Club ain’t worth a damn if you don’t have an Official Club patch. The most iconic card in the deck, the Ace of Spades is emblazoned with the fearless skull and spade rider patch to show the world who you ride or die for.

Inked up and armed to the teeth, this is a serious band of mofos. A custom-illustrated rebel crew of court cards in authentic leather ‘cuts’ and official club patches. Scarred, smoking and dangerously good looking, the Outlaw court cards feature some of the most bad ass Jacks, beautiful Queens and toughest Kings you‘ll ever deal with.

No Outlaw is complete without their F.T.W. patch (which stands for “f*** the world”, but you knew that). The Outlaw Joker is a down and dirty rebel-twist on the old-school Bicycle® 808 Rider Back Joker we know and love. Instead of riding some punk bicycle, we’ve got our leather-clad Outlaw King thundering down the highway on his iron steed, flipping off the entire world as he goes. That’s one bad hombre.

In true Outlaw style, I’ve kept it gritty, real and raw. The faces are bold, straight-talkin’ and a lil’ rough around the edges. A custom but classic pip design in blood red, and deep black with a worn texture. A functional layout, they‘re strong and stylised but clear and easy to read no matter what your game. Even at 5 am in the bar all whiskey’d up after one helluva night.

Whether your game is poker, magic or cardistry, the Outlaws are down to ride with you ‘till the end.

Like any free-wheelin’ Outlaw knows, standard just doesn’t cut it. Packin’ attitude in every deck, these bad boys are nothin’ but custom from the ground up. With the U.S. Playing Card Co, Clove St. Press and Art of Play involved in manufacturing this deck at the highest standards, the Outlaw deck will be one serious weapon of mass deception.


A vicious, custom-edged bordered back design, it’s authentic to its outlaw core. A rebel design that strikes fear into the squares of society, it’s a wild ride of a back design.
With fully-custom designed faces, Outlaw features 12 illustrated bad-ass court cards, 40 bold ‘n’ gritty faces, 2 rebel rider jokers, a custom Ace of Spades club patch design and a special “db” gaff card.
The playing cards will be printed by the big dogs themselves, the U.S. Playing Card Co. at the highest production quality. Original rebel motorcycle clubs were born on US soil, so it only makes sense.
Printed on a Premium, Casino-Grade CRUSHED card stock with signature Air-Cushion Finish and a Traditional Cut, it’s the smoothest ride out there. A deck made just the way the card gods intended.
Armoured by a premium weight, extra tough, smokey midnight matte black tuck box with a lightning white foil stamp and registered embossing crafted by the letterpress artisans at Clove St. Press.
Protected by a metallic black and silver foil seal, custom-made from a unique die-cut of our own design. You won’t catch anyone else out there with one like it.

Whether you get your kicks from cards, magic, or cardistry, design, poker, or motorbikes, I hope the Outlaws will give you one more damn good reason to crack open a new deck and do what you enjoy.

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