ARRCO® Tahoe Playing Cards, Silver Set of 2 Decks (Blue & Red), USPCC 2011, Dan & Dave, Limited Edition of 2500, numbered seal, hand wrapped in foil. Brand new

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– Launched 2011
– Check out the YouTube review by magicorthodoxy

“Arrco® was once the preferred brand of playing cards for professional magicians. If you’re lucky enough to own an original, you know why.”

In 1987 the United States Playing Card Company acquired the Chicago based printing press and the Tahoe back has been out of print ever since. From the distinct finish to the foil wrapped packaging, the Arrco® printing company defined quality in modern day playing cards.

Printed in 2011 by Dan & Dave, this is an exact copy of the originals using their trademark finish from the USPCC to ensure quality and longevity. Limited to 2,500 of each in antique red and dark blue, each deck is individually numbered and hand wrapped in foil.

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