Poker Cards – Bicycle Ice Element Playing Cards, glacial, frosty, Light Icy Blue, Black, winter, holiday, Walgreens exclusive deck. Brand new, sealed with cellophane, in stocks

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– Launched 2018
– Check out the YouTube review by TheCardists

A glacial deck! Very elegant black cards with bluish and light blue tones that immediately recall frost. A beautiful deck, that should slip, smooth as ice into your collection!

Bicycle cards have released the next edition in their ‘elements’ series – this time dedicated to ICE. These super cool (pun intended) cards are ideal for games, tricks and cardistry. Made from premium card stock and manufactured in the USA. Unlike most Bicycle cards, this deck has a black background and the graphics seem to glow.

Bicycle is recognized worldwide for its collection of collection cards with special themes and customization adored by a large community of collectors. The bicycle friends family decks count on a very high quality in all the materials. Always under the premise of the Brand’s own air cushion finish and with the Made in USA label, these attractive designs cover various themes created by renowned artists. All this makes bicycle’s collectible poker cards not only a small treasure for collectors, but also the best card decks for magic and cardistry.

Poker Cards Standard Size 62. 5 x 88 mm
Poker Standard Indices
Embossed with Air Cushion Finish
Deck of Cards for Collectors, Magicians and lovers of Cardistry
54 Poker Playing Card Deck (52 + 2 jokers)
1 double back gaff card
2018 Release

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