Poker Cards – Gold Plated Octagon Geometry Back Playing Cards, Full Colour letterings, vibrant, sandy matte finish, better grip, non reflective. Washable, bendable, waterproof. Standard bridge size. Cardistry. PVC plastic. Brand new, unsealed from manufacturer, instocks

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– Check out this YouTube video from yhxboardgame on its features

🌟 During gatherings, a game of poker or blackjack is more satisfying with these premium gold plated poker cards. They have such a satisfying twang to it as you shuffle and deal. I can guarantee you will never play with regular playing cards anymore after this experience.

🌟 Gold playing cards are extremely luxurious. Definitely gives a different dimension to the game. Sandy matte material feels good to touch and hold. Sides do not peel (very annoying when it does that, don’t you agree?)

🌟 – Fade resistent colours,
– Bendable and won’t warp,
– Waterproof and washable with anti bacterial soap. Very important after family gatherings or snacking while playing.
– Please do not apply disinfectant directly onto the cards.

🌟 – Octagon geometry back.
– Dimensions are 5.7cm by 8.8cm.
– Total 54 cards – 52 regular cards and 2 Jokers, all in a plastic box. Sealed with cellophane.
– This set has full colour letterings. I have another set with gold letterings here.

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