Reminisce Holo (Standard Edition) Playing Cards, by ARK, 回忆录, Kickstarter 2021, Non GIlded, Holographic, Printed by APCC Taiwan, limited edition of 1800, numbered, specially for Cardistry, Renaissance art style, retro. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched Sep 2021 on Kickstarter, 443 backers pledged HK$ 584,283 or approx SGD $106,717, out of HK$ 30,000 goal, to bring this project to life. – Check out the YouTube review by Gavin Wong Magic here

– Available editions: 1. Reminisce (Red Standard), limited edition of 1000, numbered 2. Reminisce (Red Gold Gilded), limited edition of 100, numbered 3. Reminisce (Green Standard), limited edition of 1000, numbered 4. Reminisce (Green Gold Gilded), limited edition of 100, numbered 5. Reminisce Holo (Standard Edition), Kickstarter exclusive, limited edition of 1800, numbered 6. Reminisce Holo (Silver Gilded Edges Edition), Kickstarter exclusive, limited edition of 200, not for sale From the Kickstarter page, in the designer’s own words:

Reminisce Holo-Edition is a surprise for our KickStarter Backers on select Reward tiers. The first luxury and classical artwork playing cards specially designed for Cardistry. It is not merely for Cardistry. Compared to the Playing Cards currently available on the market, this is a silent memoir of the past millennium.

The original intention for this deck of Playing Cards was to pursue the purest state of the playing cards themselves. The design adopts the style of playing cards from 1831 to 1870. During this period, playing cards had moved away from and lost the label of being ‘toys of the Nobles’, and adopts a mainly graphical design.

At the time, the convenient ‘corner indices’ and ‘Symmetrical Court Cards’ have not been adopted. This deck maintains the visuals of the primeval playing cards. After hundreds of years of iterations, a toy of the nobles has become popular among the common people.

After a day of work, people picked up small pieces of cardboard and played with them like a jazz master. Who could have imagined that in a blink of an eye, a hundred years have passed. Who could have thought that “Cardistry” would be added to the world of playing cards.

In pursuit of the purest and most original appearance of playing cards themselves, adopting the style designed from 1831 to 1870. This restoration of the original design has not yet incorporated the appearance of the “corner indices” and “symmetrical court cards”.

It was the worst of times, where ignorant nobles lived in their gloomy castle. It was the best of times, where countless pioneers shone like the stars. Their eyes filled with light. It was the years of that era, wrapped and gilded in gold, which are hidden in cards, and being presented to you.

– Renaissance art style
– Limited to 1000, with unique numbered code
– Gilded version limited to 100 decks, with unique numbered code
– German imported pearl paper with a delicate and bright texture
– 3D embossed gilded tuck box
– Printed in Taiwan
– Crushed stock

ABOUT ARK Playing Cards:
“ARK Playing Cards is a Playing Card company driven by innovation and creativity. Just like our Slogan: Continuous Exploration & Infinite Innovation. We are committed to creating Unprecedented Playing Cards.”

ARK has released three projects prior to this and the projects have received numerous praises, The most common evaluation is: Exquisite, Innovative, and Scarce.

Exquisiteness is the characteristic engraved in the genes of ARK. Several times or even dozens of times more complex than other designs, bringing a rich sense of layers and fine details. Every pen stroke carrying the love of playing cards. Every inch worthy of appreciation.

Innovation is ARK’s unrelenting pursuit. All-new craftsmanship, brand-new materials, brand-new creative structure…all these elements come together and are arranged and combined organically. Ten, a hundred, or even a thousand possibilities, there is surely one that will satisfy your curiosity.

It is also our commitment to our customers to strictly control the quantity of every deck of Playing cards we produce.

In addition to the collector’s value and appreciation, much attention is paid to the story behind the Playing Cards. The Playing Cards does not merely stop at the work of the artist, their story is only just about to begin when you get them in your hands.

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