Rise V1 (Black) Playing Cards, by YouTube sensation Grant and Chandler Henry, USPCC 2020, nature, intricate starry night, visual in motion, Cardistry, fully marked for magicians. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed, MM

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– Launched 2020
– Check out the YouTube review by Andrew McGrath

– review by CardMechanic

– the Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs

– the official trailer

– and the very raw video by Chandler announcing that Rise Magic will close their stores permanently after V2. There will be no V3 due to health issues.

– Rise Magic’s YouTube Channel with amazing content for Cardists

– I’m keeping a deck of these as a memory of a glorious chapter in Cardistry. It’s truly the end of an era. Adios, and thanks for the good times. Wishing Chandler good health.

After 3 years and 200+ videos on YouTube… Rise Playing Cards are finally here.

Rise Playing Cards feature a beautiful navy blue back design, with intricate detail reflecting the starry night sky. The goal was to create a design that was visually stunning… both still and in-motion. Perfect for both magic and cardistry.

-Custom pips and faces for all cards.
-Premium Crushed Stock
-Air-Cushion Finish
-Limited Edition, never to be printed again.

Chandler Henry spends his days brainstorming, filming and editing content and videos to be posted on multiple platforms of social media—most notably YouTube.

Henry is a senior digital media performance major at Liberty University with a growing YouTube channel that currently has almost 57,000 subscribers with over 10 million views worldwide, and viewership in every country in the world.

Henry’s viewership for his main YouTube channel Rise Magic, which focuses on magic and cardistry performances, has come to expect at least one video a week to go live on his channel.

“Sometimes it is a challenge to keep up with demand from viewers,” Henry said. “Even though the internet is usually inconsistent, viewers still expect a video from you at least once a week sometimes three times a week.”

Henry’s channel was born when the ongoing health concerns he has had since he was 16 forced him to miss the spring semester of his sophomore year at Liberty.

“My health issues definitely played a huge role in everything about the whole YouTube thing, it’s a huge part of my life and has definitely been a challenge to keep up with YouTube while it all has gone on, with being in the hospital a lot at times during this journey,” Henry said.

But Henry is back for his last semester at Liberty and anticipates graduating with his classmates.

“For a while I expected that I would have to drop out,” Henry said. “It’s a miracle honestly that I was able to get back to school and be healthy enough to attend. I’m extremely thankful to still be on track to graduate in May.”

OVERCOME — Despite struggling with ongoing health issues, Henry continues to bring audiences three videos a week while still fulfilling duties as a full-time student.
For Henry, balancing his studies and his channel can be a challenge.

“One of my biggest frustrations is that the people I have met online do YouTube as a full-time job,” Henry said. “They devote all their time to creating content, editing and uploading and I have to juggle being a full-time student while also trying to be on YouTube full time.”

Henry also has a secondary channel with a smaller viewership that focuses on more serious content including a documentary about a mixed martial arts fighter, Joe Pyfer. The documentary is over an hour long with over 15,000 views.

“I’ve already started releasing a feature length documentary that was very well received,” Henry said. “Professor Underation helped me submit it to some contests and he told me he thinks it will win. I find out the results in February. So that is exciting for myself and my career.”

Henry stated that if his YouTube success continues to grow it could end up being a full-time career for him.

“I am very set on doing things independently as a filmmaker and working on more serious projects,” Henry said. “… but, I guess the short answer is still I don’t know, let’s see what happens.”

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