Sherlock Holmes Moriarty Edition V2 Reprint (Black) Playing Cards, by Jackson Robinson, Kings Wild Project, USPCC 2014, villains of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective, limited edition of 2750, numbered seal. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed

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✴️ – Price is high because this deck is now Out of Print, please check availability before payment!
– Playing Cards are printed in batches of 1000, 5000, etc. It is a limited resource. – For example, for a design with 1000 decks,
300 buyers may collect and open for Cardistry,
300 buyers collect & keep them sealed,
400 are kept by retailers as stocks.
– When limited edition collectible cards go Out of Print, that’s when the price jumps significantly.
– We now enter the Wild Wild West cowboy territory. The price is set by the resale companies, not by me.
– Each deck that’s sold means it becomes rarer & rarer to find a deck that is still brand new, sealed with cellophane, unopened and undented.
– I do not deal with cheap decks from individual sellers on eBay as I go through too much volume to do QC myself.
– The resale companies guarantee authenticity, provenance & quality control as they only purchase from retailers who have gone out of business.
– Decks are protected as they send cartons of 50 to 100 each time. The price reflects this superhuman effort & increased global shipping, GST & custom fees.
– There is no need to collect rare decks at all. Please search for regular decks which I get directly from wholesaler under “Murphy’s Magic”.
– You are also very welcome to use my research to find other alternatives. Enjoy the wonderfully bizarre world of card collecting! 🙂

– Launched Apr 2014 on Kickstarter, 793 backers pledged $20,262, out of $10,000 goal, to help bring this project to life.
– Check out the YouTube review by magicorthodoxy

The evil sister deck of the Holmes Edition, the Moriarty deck features a full cast of villains and damsels in distress as queens. The Moriarty Edition is the only deck in the Sherlock Holmes series that features metallic silver ink instead of red for the hearts and diamond suites.

Moriarty Edition Reprint
This is a reprint project for the Sherlock Holmes – Moriarty Edition. A few printing errors got by us and they unfortunately affect the functionality of the deck. However the Moriarty Edition is one of the most Beautiful decks Kings Wild has produced even with the errors. The silver metallic ink is awesome and is a great addition to the cards.

I’m keeping things super simple with this reprint project. All of the Art is approved and the reprint deck is already on USPC’s printing schedule.

Duplicate Gaff Cards
I tried to come up with a creative way to remedy the errors of the 1st edition of the Moriarty Deck, and I think I have something pretty sweet. Instead of an art card and signature card like the first edition I will have duplicate King of Hearts & King of Clubs. That way if you keep your first edition deck you will be able to swap out the two errored kings and have a perfectly functional 1st edition, and also two new functional gaff cards for you new second edition.

Box Features
Full Color Printing both inside and out
Silver Foil on both inside and out
Premium Paper Stock
Custom shaped numbered silver foil seal
Card Features
Embossed Finish
Silver Metallic Ink in place of traditional red for Heart and Diamonds suites
Completely unique court cards
duplicate Kings of Hearts and Clubs for your V1 Moriarty Edition Deck.

Duplicate Kings / Hearts & Clubs
You will notice, in place of a gaff and double back the Kings of Hearts & Clubs have been duplicated. This way if you own V1 of the Moriarty Edition you will be able to swap the error cards out of the V1 deck with these new duplicated Kings and now have two completely functional decks and two new gaff cards for you V2 Moriarty Edition.

Also the banner name errors have been corrected as well.

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