Solokid Classic Ruby Red Gilded Playing Cards, Kickstarter exclusive, limited edition of 1500, unnumbered “Gilded Edition” seal. Retro 50s, 60s, foiled, hot stamp, bright gloss, 3D embossed, Cardistry. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched on Kickstarter on 13 May 2020. Within 15 days, 146 backers had contributed HKD $68,204 or SGD $11,816 to bring this project to life.
– Check out the YouTube review by VJose32

– Available editions:
1. Solokid Classic Cyan Blue Regular Playing Cards, Non Gilded, limited edition of 1500, unnumbered
2. Solokid Classic Ruby Red Regular Playing Cards, Non Gilded, limited edition of 1500, unnumbered
3. Solokid Classic Luxury Gold Regular Playing Cards, Non Gilded, limited edition of 1000, unnumbered
11. Solokid Classic Black Regular Playing Cards, Non Gilded, Yellow cards, China exclusive, limited edition of 1500, unnumbered

– Collectible Brick Box Display Case ($28 each or complimentary with purchase of 10 Solokid decks, you can mix colours):
4. Cyan Special Collector’s Brick Box
5. Ruby Special Collector’s Brick Box
6. Luxury Gold Special Collector’s Brick Box
7. Black Special Collector’s Brick Box

8. Solokid Classic Cyan Blue Gilded Playing Cards, limited edition of 1500, unnumbered, seal says “Gilded”, Kickstarter exclusive
9. Solokid Classic Ruby Red Gilded Playing Cards, limited edition of 1500, unnumbered, seal says “Gilded”, Kickstarter exclusive
10. Solokid Classic Luxury Gold Gilded Playing Cards, limited edition of 1000, unnumbered, seal says “Gilded”, Kickstarter exclusive

SoloKid playing cards is an adorable deck that integrates the classic style of traditional playing cards, the gorgeous crafts brought by modern advanced technology, and the retro colour like pictorial in the 50s and 60s.

SoloKid has three stunning colours that can be chosen by players with different preferences: Ruby, Cyan, and Luxury Gold. Every editions of Solokid is worthy of you to make space from your card collection and enjoy it!

Each deck of SoloKid Playing Cards includes:
· Tuck case with foil stamping and embossing
· Customized card back, court card, and Jokers, etc
· Gorgeous gilded edge with the same theme colour
· Exclusive design, unique foil sealing sticker
· Three colours are available, Ruby & Cyan (limited to 1500), Gold (limited to 1000)

SoloKid will give us a fusion of tradition and creativity. On the top of the tuck case, the name “SOLOKID” is written in the modern ornamental penmanship.

The main pattern is the most representative Spades in the playing cards; the outer frame in the shape of spades has the symbols of the sun, moon and stars from the tarot cards, and three are connected in a row, symbolizing all things in nature.

The back of the card continues the design of the back of the tuck case, with the same theme background colour as the tuck case. It uses complex white lines to outline a layered border and a rich arrangement of patterns. It has a strong contrast with the extremely narrow white border and clear boundaries.

Three circles located in the center line, the symbol representing the sun is located in the center circle. At the same time, it has a positioning effect. In the upper and lower circles, it shows the palms holding stars and moon. Whether it is cardistry or magic, playing cards need to be performed by the flexible hands of cardist and magician. The design of Solokid deck’s back is to pass the message of “palm heaven and earth” to you.

SoloKid’s deck also has a new visual design that is highly unified with the entire deck of aesthetics and style. The number cards are unified with the overall style in terms of details such as colour lines and font curvature; in addition, there is not too much design, which plays a visually balanced and comfortable effect.

All the detail elements coming from the Tarot card will bring you a striking mysterious sense; the customized court card texture is advanced; the Ace of Spades continues the main vision on the front of the tuck case; the two hand drawn Jokers are the lamp and the Gemini clown with Delicate sketch and exquisite style.

SoloKid’s tuck case comes with gorgeous and exquisite metal embossed technology; gilding lines are precise and delicate, high quality inks have stable hot stamping, bright gloss, and long-lasting paint; the three-dimensional embossing process protrudes, adding the visual impact to the whole deck.

In addition, the SoloKid series also gives the card itself a unique advanced customization: stunning foil gilded edges! Ruby has red gilded edges; Cyan has blue gilded edges; and Luxurious Gold has gold gilded edges.

SoloKid’s gilded edges use expensive high-class foil inks, made with the most advanced professional printing technology. Unlike previous gilded works that are only for appreciation. SoloKid minimizes the negative impact of gilded edges on the feel of the cards.

With this deck of cards, you can use the cards with gilded edges to perform the show to your fan or audiences without worrying about it falling off, or sticking, or agglomerating, so that the special craft cards can also return to their original intentions— —Just Play It!

– Each collector box can fit 10 gilded decks inside. (suggest: 3x Ruby; 3x Cyan; 4x Gold gilded edition)
– Printed with gold/red/cyan & white foil on black/red/cyan/gold matte finish paper
– Laser engraved display window
– 4 colour choices: Ruby, Cyan, Gold & Black

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