Tarot Cards – Japanese Myth Tarot Full Deck 日本神话罗塔牌 (China version), designer Naoki Yamamoto, Shinto mythology, beginning of heaven and earth, creation, Yamato Takeru, Okuninushi, Susanoo, Izanagi and Izanami. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched 2014
– Check out the YouTube review by Moonlight Guidance

– and the super cool video of a fashion show featuring the 22 tarot gods, at the Design Festa on May 12th and 13th 2018

– and the official PV of the event

– Available editions:
1. Japanese Myth Tarot Full Deck 日本神话罗塔牌 (China version) – $96
2. Japanese Myth Tarot Full Deck V5 日本神话罗塔牌 (Japan version), tuck clearly indicates V5 and designer Naoki Yamamoto’s signature. – $165
* All previous Japanese versions are sold out.
* Both decks include a PDF of the 40 page booklet in Japanese, if you didn’t receive the download link after your order, please reach out & I can WhatsApp or email you easily.
* Unfortunately no English version was ever translated. You can use the Google Translate app’s camera function.

* Note: There is a huge furor on YouTube over how the China version is pirated or a rip off, but ironically, none of these content creators bothered to use the Japanese original deck when filming their videos.

The reason is simply that the original Japanese deck is extremely expensive and quickly sold out. It’s now on the 5th printing. I will also point out the irony of using what they suspect to be a “pirated” deck to monetize their videos and make money from every view. Clearly there are no qualms there. I find it hard to swallow the claims of “supporting the designer” or “bashing pirated decks” and “raising awareness”, when they themselves are profiting from using decks they suspect to be knock offs.

* The whole controversy began because there is sadly a spelling mistake on the World card in the China version. If you prefer Japanese wordings instead of Chinese, my Japan version decks are V5, direct from the designer Naoki Yamamoto via my warehouse in Japan.

* Absolutely no discounts, note that shipping worldwide has increased significantly and it costs even more to ensure a perfect deck is shipped from her studio in Japan. Please check before payment to make sure they have not gone out of print again!

* I offer a no questions asked refund policy for both China and Japan versions so that you can compare side by side. When you get both versions, I offer complimentary shipping. When you find that the quality is exactly the same, and decide to keep whichever version, simply send the other opened deck back to me at your expense (I’ll turn it into a deckcut). I will refund the returned deck in full.


This is the 5th edition of the latest Japanese mythology tarot “Kiwami ~ KIWAMI ~” full deck. Based on the Rider Waite version, the original tarot cards are based on the contents of Japanese mythology and are produced so that they can be used for actual divination. The card has a matte laminate that feels good to the touch and slides well.

There are almost no cards that have been greatly rewritten this time, but there are many cards that have been finely revised. Cards posted individually are cards that have undergone a large correction, although there are few changes from the previous cards. Also, from the 5th edition, we have described the gods that appear in the commentary.

Japanese Myth Tarot Kiwami is based on the Japanese Myth Tarot, which was launched in 2014, and has been greatly arranged. The major arcana is centered on the stories of Izanagi and Izanami, and the wand is the story of Susanoo. Magatama (Pentacle) is the story of Okuninushi. The Mirror (Cup) is the story of Sakuya Konohana. The sword is the story of Yamato Takeru, and the story from the beginning of heaven and earth to Yamato Takeru is made into a tarot card throughout.

Package size
Width 135mm × 140mm × 21mm
Card size Width 62mm × Height 134mm
Back side is black, gold and silver three-color specification

40-page manual that includes 83 explanations (78 total cards + 5 alternative cards) and basic fortune-telling methods. Alternate cards can be replaced with 78 decks to create your own deck. Magician “Festival of Amano Iwato” “Pledge” Wheel of Fortune “Change of Day” “Moon Age” Star “Tanabata” “Matsurowanu God” Moon “Full Moon” “New Moon” Magatama Queen “Suserihime’s Melancholy” “Yagamihime’s Melancholy”.

The cards tell the story of the core of the Japanese Shinto Mythology. The Major Arcana starts with the creation story involving Izanagi (heavenly god of creation) and Izanami (heavenly goddess of death) who are a sibling-couple (like Zeus and Hera in greek mythos). The repeat cards is to show the masculine and feminine energies of Izanagi and Izanami. The gods are divided between Heaven and Earth.

The Minor Arcana is the continuation of the story of their children and descendants: The Wands is the story of Susanoo (one of Izanami and Izanagi’s 3 children and the heavenly/earth god of seas, storms and harvest). He kills the evil sea serpent, gets to marry the girl the serpent was going to kill and gains a sword after killing it. This sword he gives to his older sister, Amaterasu (the goddess of the sun and ruler of the heavens; the first child of Izanami and Izanagi, who takes over after them.

The Pentacles is the story of Susanoo’s son/descendant, Okinunishi (earth god of nation building, business, agriculture, medicine and fortune). The Cups is the story of Konohasakuya-hime (earth goddess of Mount Fuji and all volcanoes in Japan and the symbol of the sakura blossoms). She marries Ninigi, Amaterasu’s son and so is Susanoo’s sister-in-law.

The Swords tells the story of Yamato Takeru (The Arthurian Legend of Japan), who ends up claiming Susanoo’s sword (which was found from that big snake Susanoo killed in the Wands cards). He is a feminine looking boy so you mistook him for a girl (He dressed up as a female servant in the cards 5 of swords to kill a man he sent to assassinate).

For all the male character centred minor arcana, the Queens are their wives. For Konohasakuya, the only female centred suit, the King is her husband Ninigi.

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