The Serpent, Rainbow Snake Playing Cards, signed, numbered seal, limited edition of 200. Printed by Cartamundi using True Linen B9 Finish. Deckidea, Hong Kong. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed with cellophane. Ouroboros. Waitlist

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🐾 – This was launched on Kickstarter on 29 Jan 2020. Within 32 days, 340 backers had contributed HKD$155,565, or SGD$26,470 to bring this project to life.
– Check out the YouTube review by The Card Guy

– Out of Print, sold out, please register for Waitlist. No obligations to buy, depending on resale deck’s condition & price, of course.

🌟 The Design
The Design originated from the desire to give extra meaning to a deck of cards when it is fanned or spread. Jason (Founder of Deckidea) found the shape of a deck of fanned cards resembles a snake up really well. He used that as a concept, and 100+ hours of work later, “the Serpent” was born.🐍

🌟 Features of the “The Serpent” include:
– Best Back fanning design, great for flourishing
– Stylish illustration for the Snake Enthusiasts & card collectors 🐍
– Printed by Cartamundi (they will be printing their decks with Cartamundi TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH with SlimLine paper stock.)
– Highly Collectable tuck box
– 3 Colourways

🌟 Joker
Each deck will include 2 Joker Cards that allows you to form an ouroboros. An ouroboros being a circular symbol depicting a snake swallowing its tail, as an emblem of wholeness or infinity.

🌟 The Court cards are also designed, so you can interchange the stance of the Snake when forming a fan/ spread. There are 12 Stances to choose from.

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