Virtus Devil’s Box Special Back Pink Gilded (Pink) Playing Cards, designed by Eric Duan for Chasing Dreams Studio, printed by King Star’s KSPCC, “Loser Fight”. Cardistry. Limited edition of 888, numbered. Out of Print. Brand new, sealed

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– Launched Jul 2022 on China’s Crowdfunding, it’s now out of print.
– Available editions:
1. Virtus Devil’s Box Standard Edition (Gray Light Brown) – limited edition of 2500, unnumbered (Back design exactly the same for 1, 2 and 4)
2. Virtus Devil’s Box Limited Edition (Gold Foiled Dark Brown + UV technology) – limited edition of 888, numbered (Back design exactly the same for 1, 2 and 4)
3. Virtus Devil’s Box Special Back Pink Gilded (Pink) – limited edition of 888, numbered
(originally launched as 150 but later increased to 888 due to overwhelming demand. (Back design is different from 1, 2 and 4)
4. Virtus Devil’s Box Collector’s Edition Rainbow Gilded (Blue / Black) – limited edition of 188, numbered (Back design exactly the same for 1, 2 and 4)

Imagine the most evil devils and demons that wrecked havoc on earth. Now imagine them sealed within these pack of cards, a Devil’s Box, reduced to absurd little clowns and caricatures of their true horrific selves.

Colorful illustrations in a smudge watercolor art style is to emphasize the ludicrous state of their current being, and cover their true monstrous appearance. As if their wide cannibal jaws with ferocious sharp teeth dripping with blood have been sewed shut with twine and tablecloths.

They even look adorable now, with red high heels performing acrobatic feats, the balancing plates precariously about to fall. The only hint that they are still dangerous, is the lit grenade in their right hand.

Seafaring pirate demon adopted an infected & mutated cat as their pet, but this mischievous kitty is more ferocious than the little devils. The cat knocks over a full bath tub, wearing a bathrobe, it darts here & there on the ship decks. The little demon is hopping mad. Look, even their dentures have flown off in the chaos!

Of course there are more demons sealed within this magic Devil’s box, even more evil devil races. The designers have deliberately not showcased all the artwork, to allow collectors the joy of discovering the details of each character themselves. Spend some time to observe, and let these demons become your playthings in the palm of your hand.

The fog hasn’t dissipated, the dark waves are rising – noone knows what tomorrow will bring. Perhaps there will be other ancient demonic rulers descending upon earth.

From the pitch black depths of the ocean rise a neon green inky vortex, swallowing the entire sea bed. At the center of that vortex, a feeble weak halo of light seems to pulse intermittently, as if it were alive and breathing. When the light shines brightly, the entrance to R’lyeh will finally open!

First collaboration between Eric Duan & Chasing Dreams Studio, the Virtus Devil’s Box is divided between 2 different back designs, and 4 variants. Art style is smudge watercolor, designed by two teams working together.

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