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Malta, Startup Growth Potential

Partnership with founder-friendly venture capitalists

In search of local business investors, angels, company owned & university related incubators, accelerators as well as national and international venture capital investors.

I was based in Dresden, Germany last year, and spoke to a Berlin startup incubator. This is an option which has never occurred to me, which is why I am still in the decision phrase, any pitch would be welcome at this point.

Vedic Poker Cards has been operating for more than one year in business, and is a registered sole-proprietorship company in Singapore with filed tax returns. I have distribution centres set up in both Singapore and Florida, USA. Currently I am applying for Permanent Residency in Malta with the intention to expand into Europe.

Please reach out with some company profiles which you are / were working with. I will send a Startup Pitch Deck with past year profit & loss statement, proven ROI, market segmentation analysis, and future business plans upon each stage of funding.

Disclaimer: Due to data privacy protection, all individual buyers’ information have been removed. Accounts, operations, policies & procedures will be made available for independent audit, prior to funding.

About the Founder

Linkedin profile:

I was a successful real estate agent in Singapore for 6 years. At the age of 30, wanderlust hit and I went on international cruise ships to sell diamonds and luxury timepieces for 9 years. My last ship prior to the pandemic was the six stars Regent Seven Seas Explorer, which was marketed as the “Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built”.

The unique selling point of my business, is that I apply luxury concierge service to collectible playing cards, focusing on the “wow” factor of an unboxing experience for high level collectors who never unseal the cellophane. I guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate, with consistent 5 star reviews.

Many successfully funded playing cards Kickstarter campaigns fail at fulfilment – items arrive damaged due to shoddy packing. This is a huge pity as many hours went into each stage of development: from design, to launch & funding, to actual printing, assembling and finally logistics of packing & shipping.

My long term goal is to develop the Vedic core brand in collectible playing cards, as both retailer and creator of self-brands, while retaining control of fulfilment with Vedic Logistics. Eventually to expand into subsidiary brands such as lifestyle products, apparel, jewelry and display furniture. Already, Vedic Watch and Vedic Beach are in the process of setting up.

As a boss, I firmly believe in having an option to Work Remotely, with opportunities for Global Citizens who wish to have a better work-life balance. Video conferencing allows team members to collaborate on a document more efficiently across time zones and geographic limitations. I would arrange for retreats for team bonding.

I am currently based in Malta, enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine and warm hospitality. Malta is perfect for designers and IT professionals with the Digital Nomad visa. I foresee many freelancer projects and backend support on an ad hoc basis.

I am asking for startup mentorship and funding in order to scale up. So far I have been focusing on operations and customer service to build a solid reputation, with the current tagline: “Collectible Playing Cards in guaranteed perfect condition.” As I have a working system right now, I am ready to take this to the next level. Ultimately, my company ethos will be: “Playing Cards, but make it Luxury.”

Pre-Seed Funding – Quarter Million euros
Current Stage:
Series A Seed Capital Funding – Working Business Model

Company Vision

Playing Cards Core Business

First-ever NFT “Genesis Collection” featuring Bicycle Playing Cards’ iconic cards transformed 1000 years into the future by artist Adrian Valenzuela

Creation of NFT projects, Cryptocurrency & Metaverse

Already, Bicycle has a successful NFT project. For an established brand to embrace the metaverse, it caused a ripple across the industry. As of Dec 2021, the Ace of Spades went at auction for 3.6 ETH (roughly USD $13.5K or 12,9K euros).

Vedic Poker Cards is also a trendsetter in the industry by being geared to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

The Lord of the Rings Playing Cards Vol. 1 by Jackson Robinson — Kickstarter

Crowdfunding of proprietary designs using Kickstarter

There are many successfully funded Playing Cards projects such as the Lord of the Rings. Malta is full of creative graphic designers who can collaborate on a freelance basis.

I intend to set up separate lines for the Vedic self-branded designs –
1. Themed Design series
2. Ultra Violet (UV) Cardistry lines
3. Cross overs with guest designers who are already well established in Malta, eg Vedic x Stephanie Borg lines

Ten Hundred is a famous artist, designer, muralist and YouTuber

Collaborations with trending artistes

Mixing genres create effective cross promotion and expose an existing loyal fan base to another market. For example, 23,147 backers pledged more than USD $2.1 million, or 1,9 million euros to fund Youtuber Ten Hundred’s Vivid Kingdoms Playing Cards.

The idea is to do cross overs with famous Maltese brands and artistes, eg Vedic x Charles & Ron, and Vedic x Ira Losco.

Supplementary Products & Services

Brand Architecture – Sub Brands as Cross Promotion for Core Brand

Open up new growth opportunities with cross promotion strategies. For example, collectible vintage stamps is a niche market which runs parallel to collectible playing cards. Watch connoisseurs appreciate craftsmanship and design, and would be a prime target audience as well.

Vedic Watch and Vedic Stamps will cross funnel into Vedic Poker Cards, all serviced by Vedic Logistics & Fulfilment, which will in turn perform inhouse function and provide external services as well. All branches will generate self-sustainable growth individually, while complementing one another.

Sub Merchandise – Paraphernalia featuring the creative journey

There is an entire merchandise sub-industry surrounding Playing Cards. Every Kickstarter project is starting to include commemorative coins, stamps, bookmarks, tshirts, caps etc.

Talenrot printed a limited edition Pop Up Art Book with Cartamundi, customized with individual collector’s name, and handcrafted. This is a coveted collectible as it details the fortune telling meanings & sketch designs.

I pledge to print a full colour book with every Kickstarter project, signed by the artist and including a vintage gold foiled bookplate which the collector can customize by inscribing their own name or message.

Aftersales – Provenance and Authenticity

Every single item transacted at Vedic Poker Cards comes with a barcode and a Certificate of Authenticity upon request.

For my own brand printed under Vedic Playing Cards, I pledge that every single VPC deck will be
– Limited edition with a numbered seal,
– Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity card which is similarly numbered, signed by the designer and comes with hologram authenticity stamp.
– Deck itself contains secret identifying markings unknown to public. (trademark pending)

Collectors can use the Vault App to scan the QR code, register their ownership and establish provenance. Collectors on the resale market can send us the VPC decks to be restored, authenticated and issued a new certificate if lost.

In House Media, PR, Photography and Production

In House Photography Studio

Coming Soon

Artist Management & Brand Strategy

Many graphic designers are brilliant at creating, but struggle with business & finance. My aim is to provide Artist Management for budding local graphic designers and help them see themselves as a Brand, and therefore run it as a business.

When they design playing cards for Kickstarter projects on a project basis, they will own the rights to their work and enjoy a percentage cut of the proceeds. The playing cards will be marketed as a Vedic x (Their Name) collaboration, and a writeup under <Artists we work with> will be prominently featured of them, their services & how to contact them directly for commissioned work.

Their social media accounts, podcasts & YouTube channel will be managed by a professional production team who will handle PR.

Production Team

Coming Soon

Experience-based Expansions

Planned Walk in Stores with Live Events

Locations in mind:
1. Malta St Julian / Valletta,
2. Berlin Mitte,
3. New York Brooklyn,
4. Montreal Mont Royal and
5. Singapore Holland Village. These locations are chosen because of their cosmopolitan culture and hipster vibes.

The idea is of an experience oriented store with new launches, live DJ sets, artist meet and greet signing sessions, interviews, podcasts, video productions etc.

Museum of Poker Cards in Valletta, Malta

The Museum of Playing Cards in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany, (“Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum”) houses more than 20,000 cards from seven centuries and five continents. There is also the National Museum of the Playing Card in Turnhout, Belgium, and The French Playing Card Museum (Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer).

My idea is to create a Playing Card Museum in Malta celebrating the provenance and evolution of Asian, European and American playing cards from past to present. Exhibits will be featured online as well, with virtual participation on subscription basis. This eliminates geographical limitations in terms of actual visitors.

Interactive experience similar to Secret Cinema, and featuring interviews with designers in the style of Masterclass / Studio.

VPC Vault: Climate Controlled Storage for Collectors

By accepting rare decks that belong to private collectors, for storage or exhibit, all VPC Ace Club members receive an NFT. This NFT entitles them to exclusive members-only virtual & in person events. NFTs will be listed on OpenSea for open trading. Vedic App allows them & other users to view their collection virtually.

Climate Controlled Storage is essential for playing cards as they use paper stock which is sensitive to humidity and wear & tear. Paraphernalia will be included as well such as collectible coins, brick boxes, boxsets, display stands, etc.

Long term vision – Commercial Real Estate

Logistics Main Warehouse – Marsaskala, Malta

Malta Freeport Terminal is a main Mediterranean transhipment hub. As a country, Malta is part of the EU and any products created & distributed from here will be customs and VAT-friendly.

Malta has been called the “hidden gem” of Europe, but more importantly, it is geographically poised as the “heart” between US and Asia.

Order Fulfilment on behalf of Creators of Crowdfunding projects

Currently, the playing card printing industry’s biggest players are: Bicycle (USPCC) in USA, Cartamundi in Europe, and King Star (KSPCC) in China. Fulfillment is usually done by Gamblers Warehouse. There is a huge potential as Global Logistics and Fulfilment has room for improvement in many areas.

Real Estate Investment

By owning commercial properties instead of renting, the idea is to leverage on real estate gains as well.

I have a German residency permit, but I am in the midst of obtaining Permanent Residency for Malta, in order to own properties, setup a business and contribute to the local economy.

Cruise Ship Casinos & iGaming Expansion (Wholesale supply)

Sale of Poker Cards in Cruise Ship Duty Free Shops Onboard

Currently the biggest players in the Duty Free Shops onboard are Harding UK, Starboard USA and Effy Jewelry. I intend to apply Blue Ocean Strategy to the cruise ship industry and create an entirely new market space & demand which is currently unutilized. Retired cruise guests are the perfect target audience for collectibles at a high level of collecting.

There are also mass market designs which would make for a perfect travel souvenir, such as the Bicycle Parrot deck for Panama Canal cruises, Bicycle Matador deck for Mediterranean cruises, and Bicycle Sea King deck for Caribbean cruises.

VPC can also supply custom design & printing for cruise ships who wish to offer playing cards as a house brand amenity.

Trunk shows on Cruise Ships & Casinos on land

Sales representatives and brand ambassadors who will go onboard as Guest Vendor. Conduct History of Playing Cards seminar, Art of Collecting, etc. Commercials to be playing on ship TV.

The iGaming industry is always looking for Casino Hosts to present and facilitate games. I could send a guest speaker / celebrity brand ambassador for a special appearance or event. Poker tournaments could be organized as well.

Wholesale Supply to Casinos on Cruise Ships and on land, & iGaming industry

Casino decks are 100% plastic, and require extra security measures. Cards are retired to stop any distinguishing marks, such as bends and scuffs, giving the game away to players looking to gain an advantage.

In Las Vegas, decks can last for up to 12 hours before being discarded or sold. How long a deck is in play depends on factors such as how busy the specific table is and whether shuffling is done by hand or machine. For example, if you visit during a busy time, a deck can last as little as one hour before being switched for a fresh pack.

I understand very well the logistics of onload / offload to a cruise ship which is essentially a floating city. Companies such as Malca-Amit are experienced with tamper-proof high value global shipments.

Giving back to the community


Unfortunately, the playing card industry uses paper stock, and excessive packaging to ensure mint condition of collectibles. This is unavoidable until I find alternative ways to protect shipments in transit. Meanwhile, I encourage buyers to reuse our plastic packaging and regift my paper boxes.

I also pledge to support local NGOs, such as Friends of the Earth Malta and Nature Trust Malta. I’m proud to adopt a Bee Hive & a Turtle. Vedic Bee Hotel will be set up shortly, and will keep you updated on my Bee community adventures shortly!

Celebrating Maltese Heritage & Economy Boost

I believe in giving back to the community. Malta is a country that is rich in cultural heritage, and deeply religious. I commit to creating playing cards inspired by Maltese lace, the Gozitan island life, and the idiosyncratic architectural styles.

A portion of my proceeds will go towards sponsorship of the vibrant processions & festivals.

Non-Profit Used Books

Ultimately, I also hope to start a non-profit Vedic Books to collect and sell gently-used books to reduce waste when expats leave the country. 100% of profits after business expense will be used towards funding Maltese classroom projects & publications of budding local writers & artists.

For young entrepreneurs, I would also mentor them about brand management, marketing & promoting their artwork with crowdfunding projects.

Tiffany Jieyi Zhao
Founder, Vedic Poker Cards